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How to Prepare for Your Summer Road Trip Through Arizona

Arizona is the perfect state for a summer road trip due to its scenic and awe-inspiring views. Before you set out on your fun summer adventure, you should consider a few preparedness tips to avoid the consequences of the extreme desert heat. Ensuring your vehicle is in tip-top shape and taking care
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How to Share the Road With Large Trucks in Utah

The trucking industry is a necessary part of our economy, transporting goods and products to states nationwide. Even though sharing the highways with large trucks like big rigs and semi-trucks is commonplace, it can still be nerve-wracking. Knowing how to share the road with a large truck in Utah can help you
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How to Stay Safe Around Fireworks This Independence Day

Launching fireworks on Independence Day is a well-celebrated American tradition. As a spectator, it may not cross your mind that facilitating a fireworks display may be dangerous. Around 5,600 fireworks-related injuries sent victims to the emergency room in 2018. The most prominent injuries seen in firework accidents are burns and severe eye
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Will My Homeowner’s Insurance Cover My Dog Bite Injury?

While it is most common that dogs are friendly to strangers, friends, and acquaintances, sometimes an encounter can turn into a traumatic event. Dogs are known to bite in certain circumstances and can cause substantial injuries. When this occurs, you may be able to recover compensation for the injuries and other losses
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