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4 Ways Motorcyclists Can Avoid Blind Spots

When you take to the road on your motorcycle, you enter an unspoken agreement with the other drivers. Motorists owe you a duty of care, which means they should avoid negligence or reckless roadway behavior. You, in turn, must take steps to protect yourself. Unfortunately, motorcycle blind spot accidents are common, due
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What to Do after an Arizona Electric Scooter Accident

The prevalence of electric scooters on Arizona’s streets has risen steadily over the past several years, especially in its big cities. These scooters allow riders to enjoy a fun, convenient, and economical mode of transportation. As the number of scooters on the streets increase, however, so does the risk of scooter injuries.
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What to Do After a Hit and Run in Utah

Hit and run car accidents put you in a difficult position. While you should never chase down the driver who hit you, you may feel as though you have to chase them in order to charge them for your losses. Instead of endangering yourself further, though, there are other post-accident steps you
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3 Infections You Need to Watch Out for after a Dog Bite

Any dog, no matter how docile or well-trained can react aggressively in a given situation. The risks associated with an aggressive dog can be quite serious. When a dog reacts aggressively, the most likely outcome is that the dog will bite someone. Dog bites can carry all kinds of risks and medical
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4 Ways Bicyclists Can Make Themselves More Visible

Any bicyclist can tell you the benefits of a good ride through the local roadways. Experiencing the outdoors, pushing your physical limits, and getting the serotonin of a good workout are all positive effects of a bike ride. Sharing the roadway on a bicycle, however, is not without its dangers. Such danger
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