Brain Injury Support Groups Of West Palm Beach

A brain or a head injury is quite complex. A simple bump on the head caused by the negligence of someone else can be the reason of brain injury. That is why the attorney in this type of cases knows that it’s his duty is to give right legal advice to the person and show them the right path towards a speedy recovery and to sue his client’s case. There can be a lot of symptoms of this kind of disease.. It has complete different effect on each person. No two injuries are the same. For each person the attorney… Read More

April Is Child Abuse Prevention Month

Child abuse has become a growing concern over the years, which is why April was declared as Child Abuse Prevention Month by the presidential proclamation in 1983. This month is the time to acknowledge and recognize the importance of families and communities working together to prevent child abuse. Based on statistics, an estimated 683,000 children became victims of child abuse or neglect in the year 2015, out of which 1,670 were reported dead as a result of neglect or abuse. Many of these deaths could have been avoided or prevented if proper support systems and community programs had been in… Read More

Medical Malpractice With First Responders: Can They Be Held Responsible?

The studied lawyers at Percy Martinez Law firm at encountered injured people who believe that their injuries were caused by a first responder such as a paramedic or ambulance company who acted negligently. The question they ask is: “Can these first responders be held responsible for the medical malpractice injuries that they caused me while being treated? Like so many other questions related to the law, the answer to this is “it varies”. Who Is Responsible for EMS-related Errors? For example, a man suffered a neck injury that restricted the blood from going to his brain. 911 was called by… Read More

Common Road Hazards That Result In Motor Vehicle Accidents

One has to be extremely careful when driving on the road, as there may be various potential hazards that can lead to a crash. Although crashes can occur while driving a car, accidents on a motorcycle tend to be more severe in nature. It is also a lot more complicated to drive a motorbike, considering that even obstacles that may seem minor, can lead to disastrous results. These can include leaves, oil spills, ice, rail road crossings etc. In November, drivers are even presented with an increased risk of car accidents with deer as well. All of these have the… Read More

Should I Sue After A Sports Injury?

Professional athletes who entertain us through American football or hockey games are paid well for the abuse they put their bodies through each week. The road to becoming one of these multi-million dollar sports figures begins in youth, starting in recreational leagues and continuing through high school and college. Professional athletes are no strangers to the affects of a sports injury, as they have experienced them since a very young age. But what about people playing sports in recreational leagues, in school intramural sports or during social games? Are those injuries sacrifices players are expected to make or can those… Read More

California Wrongful Death Overview

Earlier this year a California bus driver was convicted and sentenced to two years in prison after the death of a 19-year-old autistic man. The driver left the teen alone on a hot school bus one September afternoon in 2015 to have sex with another bus driver, neglecting his duty to keep the teen safe. Now, the man’s family is considering pursuing legal action of their own through a wrongful death lawsuit. Rather than going after the driver, however, the family appears to be targeting the driver’s employers in the civil wrongful death lawsuit – including both the bus company… Read More

When To Seek An Accident Attorney In California

Everyone knows driving in California can be hazardous at times. Car accidents are a common occurrence and frequently result in injury. When this happens it is always a good idea to seek out an accident attorney. A san diego personal injury lawyer can help you navigate the murky waters of filing with insurance companies and advise when it is time to press a case to the courts. The most common reason for filing a lawsuit is due to negligence on the other parties’ side. However this is not the only reason to seek an accident attorney. Cases can also be filed due… Read More

Some Basic Instructions To Get A Fair Settlement In A Personal Injury Case.

Following are some basic instructions to get a fair settlement in a personal injury case. You must be very much careful after you have suffered from an accident, these are some dos and don’ts which will prove helpful in getting a fair settlement. Don’t leave your investigation incomplete: You must make it sure that you have collected all statements of the witnesses, police record, medical reports and all relevant and related things to the accident. In order to complete all this process, you may need to hire a professional and expert investigation. Such expert may help you in collecting some… Read More

Identifying Emotional And Psychological Damages In A Car Accident

Generally after being involved in a car accident, people are more focused on their physical injuries. After undergoing a medical examination to determine the extent of bodily injuries involved, it is imperative to pursue the course of treatment prescribed for healing your body. The next step generally entails filing a legal claim against the negligent party for the damages that they have caused using your medical records and bills as evidence to prove the damages that you have sustained. This seems to be a general description of a car accident and the ensuing personal injury claim. However, many accident victims… Read More

Why PPC should be Chosen for Law Firms

PPC denotes pay-per-click ads, these are actually online ads that law firms pay for whenever it is clicked by the viewer. Such ads are displayed in various places which include the top of the result page of the search engine (search ads) and also on the partnering websites as display ads. The amount paid by the law firm is determined in the ad auction, where all alike businesses indicate how much they’d pay for the click. Determining the Ad ranking depends on a number of factors such as landing page where the ad directs to and the importance of the… Read More