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“Feller & Wendt is a progressive law firm dedicated to aggressively upholding and applying the law on behalf of our clientele. The firm provides an unmatched level of legal services and representation.”


What impressed me most was their litigation skills.
“What impressed me most with the Attorneys at Feller & Wendt was their litigation skills. Most attorneys know the law but seldom go to court. Sure a settlement offer prior to trial is a welcome option but if the offer is unfair then what? And if a lawyers court-appearance record indicates little or no court appearances, then the threat of court is empty and settlement offers remain low as a result.

The Attorneys at Feller & Wendt are skilled litigators trained to prevail in a court of law and fight the hard fight should negotiations fail. I saw this first hand and that’s exactly what I wanted…Isn’t that what we all want? Isn’t that what our loved-ones deserve?”


They Fought For My Mother
“My Mother tripped over a faulty mat and fell while shopping at a local grocery store. An ambulance was called and took her to the hospital where she was treated for lacerations to her arm and injuries to her hip. The store acknowledged fault at the time of the accident but later refused to assume responsibility when the medical bills started coming. We contacted Feller & Wendt and they fought for my mother; came to her home for depositions so that she didn’t have to travel while recuperating, and made sure my mother’s medical bills were taken care of.

Feller and Wendt made us feel we were the only client they had and the most important case they were handling.”


My Attorney Cared About Me
“I had a wonderful experience with Feller & Wendt and have recommended these great accident attorneys to friends and family. My personal attorney cared about me during the case and I knew he understood how important it was for me to get my bills paid after my accident. I would recommend Feller & Wendt to anyone.”


“The day before my husband and I got married we were in an auto accident. Upon return from our honeymoon we went to the chiropractor and learned of our injuries: I had severe whiplash and my new husband had a cracked rib and had whiplash as well. We felt the settlement the insurance was offering was not a fair amount and our chiropractor referred us to Feller & Wendt. The attorney kept us informed on what was happening in our case and we were well taken care of. We would recommend Feller & Wendt to anyone in need of a personal injury attorney.”

Shauna and Cory – Major Medical Injuries

“I was in a very serious auto accident up in the mountains of Utah where we ended up rolling down the mountain.

The Personal Injury Attorneys of Feller & Wendt were contacted by my daughter and they took care of my legal case. My lawyer actually gave us his personal cell phone number.

I feel they had my best interest at hand and were very understanding. They went above and beyond and involved every step of the way through insurance processes and medical care making sure everything was taken care of.

I would refer Feller & Wendt to anyone. They did a fantastic job.”

Curt – Auto Accident Victim