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The 7 Types of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is a terrible crime that impacts thousands of senior citizens throughout the US. The most common perpetrators of elder abuse are nursing home employees and caregivers. Many victims do not – or physically cannot – come forward to report elder abuse. If you have an elderly loved one in someone
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Elder Abuse Hurts Families

Cycles of abuse in families are very hard to end. These cycles often include several levels, from child abuse to elder abuse when the children are adults and must care for their aging parents. Elder abuse is very often the result of an adult child having to care for the parent or
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Nursing Home Abuse And Injury; Who Is Held Responsible?

There is an outstanding number of elderly people who are abused, either psychologically or physically, and are neglected by their care givers, and others. That number has amounted to at least 4 million people every year. Trying to figure out who is the party responsible for abusing or injuring an elderly in
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What Rights Do Residents Of Care Facilities Have?

When a lawsuit of abuse and neglect is brought upon a care facility, the resident family or loved one alleges that the facility intentional abused or neglectfully injured the elder resident through the care and treatment of the medical professionals. While care facilities are both health care providers and businesses, they are
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