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Can You File a Claim if Icy Roads Cause Your Utah Car Crash?

Driving during the winter in Utah is quite a chore. It’s a multi-step process involving bundling yourself up, ensuring your tires are snow and ice ready, and finally getting behind the wheel. Limiting your driving as frequently as possible when the weather is bad or icy is advisable, but sometimes life doesn’t
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4 Safety Tips for Utah Drivers During Storm Season

As the holidays near, the days grow shorter, and Utah’s winter storm season rolls in. The festive seasonal decorations become juxtaposed against the white backdrop of daily snowstorms, which is fun for the children but dangerous for those of us navigating Utah’s already famously-tricky roads.  The sleek streets and icy windshields won’t
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Hazards to Watch Out for When Driving in Utah This Fall

With moderate weather for hiking, a lessening of the crowds at popular tourist attractions, and the vivid autumn colors with red cliffs in the background, fall is an excellent time to visit Utah. Unfortunately, hundreds of visitors and residents are injured or killed on the state’s roadways each year as a result
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What You Need to Know About Utah’s Distracted Driving Laws

A lot can happen inside your car, even when you’re on your own. While you’re meant to have your full attention on the road, there are plenty of opportunities to be distracted while driving. Driving while distracted is extremely dangerous and results in thousands of injuries every year. Despite this danger, distracted
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What to Do if You’ve Been Hit by a Drunk Driver in Utah

When an individual decides to drink and drive, they endanger the lives of themselves and others on the road. Drunk driving accidents are often fatal, and survivors typically suffer life-altering injuries. If you have been injured in a drunk driving accident in Utah, you have the legal right to pursue a personal
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How to Prepare for Your Summer Road Trip Through Arizona

Arizona is the perfect state for a summer road trip due to its scenic and awe-inspiring views. Before you set out on your fun summer adventure, you should consider a few preparedness tips to avoid the consequences of the extreme desert heat. Ensuring your vehicle is in tip-top shape and taking care
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Preventing Red Light Accidents in Arizona

Red light accidents are a common occurrence in the US and oftentimes result in a preventable fatality. In 2019, over 800 people were killed due to accidents involving running a red light. Arizona is in the top ten states for most red light accident fatalities. With this in mind, there are a
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