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How to Stay Safe While Driving in Inclement Weather in Arizona

Inclement weather is any severe weather condition that makes it unsafe or impractical to travel, commute, or work outdoors. Arizona experiences a variety of weather patterns across the state, including severe cold and heat, torrential rains, hurricanes, downbursts, ice storms at higher elevations, tornadoes, and dust devils. However, many people don’t know
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Should You Pursue Legal Counsel after a Snowmobile Accident?

Driving a snowmobile can be a fun activity to do with family and friends during the winter months. Snowmobiles, however, can quickly become dangerous because of their ability to hastily accelerate to high speeds. There could be dangerous consequences as a result, potentially causing injury to the driver and others. Although not
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7 Tips to Avoiding Driver Fatigue

Driving while fatigued can be a significant contributor to a fatal car accident. This circumstance can affect short or long-distance drivers and typically isn’t a result of driving itself. Fatigued drivers choose to get behind the wheel and ultimately make decisions that result in an accident. Lack of sleep, demanding work hours,
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