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How to Stay Safe While Driving in Inclement Weather in Arizona

Inclement weather is any severe weather condition that makes it unsafe or impractical to travel, commute, or work outdoors. Arizona experiences a variety of weather patterns across the state, including severe cold and heat, torrential rains, hurricanes, downbursts, ice storms at higher elevations, tornadoes, and dust devils. However, many people don’t know how to stay safe while driving in inclement weather. Those driving recklessly could cause an accident, resulting in severe damage and injury. If you’ve been involved in a car accident in inclement weather, you should contact an experienced Arizona car accident lawyer to help you recover damages.

Plan Ahead Before You Get On the Road

Driving in severe weather is generally slow and stressful. When planning your day, account for slow travel time to avoid rushing to get to your destination. You’re more likely to make mistakes if you’re rushing. Also, check the weather forecast before leaving.

It’s not always safe to follow your usual route. Listen to the radio for updates on road and weather conditions, and use weather alerts to learn of incoming storms. Your local radio station may inform you of road closures and offer alternate routes or other valuable information. Have a GPS ready to help you find alternate routes as well.

If you know severe weather is on the horizon, it’s best to keep off the roads or delay your trip until the weather improves. If you decide to drive anyway, make sure your car is equipped with supplies and an emergency kit. Consider having water, snacks, a first-aid kit, a tire jack, and jumper cables on hand.

Pay Attention to Other Cars and Your Surroundings

During heavy rains, keep an eye on the vehicle in front of you and note how it maneuvers in your lane. It could indicate that you need to start slowing down or switching lanes to avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

Also, stay away from standing water. The primary cause of hydroplaning is losing traction on wet roads. The combination of speed, inadequate tire tread, and standing water will lead to your car sliding across the pavement. If you see puddles ahead of you, try to avoid them.

Stay Calm and Alert to Maintain Control of Your Vehicle

If you lose control of your vehicle, you must not panic. Many drivers slam on the brakes when they start to feel their car hydroplane, but this could cause your vehicle to spin out of control. When your car starts to skid, continue steering in the direction you want to go. While maintaining control of the vehicle, pump your brakes and ease off the gas enough to recover.

Speed is a key factor in many car accidents that occur in inclement weather, so keep an eye on how fast you’re going. To ensure your safety, it’s best to make sure you drive at a safe speed in severe weather. That also means you should abstain from using cruise control. Unfortunately, functions like cruise control may become a hindrance once it rains. You should be in complete control of your vehicle’s speed in inclement weather, so be sure to turn off any cruise functions on your car as soon as you notice any concerning weather changes.

Contact an Experienced Arizona Car Accident Lawyer

Inclement weather makes driving unsafe, so you have to drive carefully to avoid getting into an accident. Should someone cause an accident while driving recklessly in bad weather, you need an experienced personal injury lawyer to assist you in securing compensation for any damage or injury. At Feller & Wendt, we know how significant the damage can be for a car accident in poor weather conditions.

Our attorneys have experience resolving car accident cases and securing fair compensation for our clients. Feller & Wendt, LLC has been helping accident victims obtain the compensation they deserve for over 25 years. We can assist you in navigating the legal system and dealing with insurance companies. Call us at (480) 702-2277 or fill out our contact form to schedule a free legal consultation for your accident case.

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