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Common Causes of Swimming Pool Accidents in Arizona

Nothing helps Arizona residents cool down on hot summer days like an afternoon in the pool. There’s an inherent risk that comes with pool management, though. Pool owners who don’t take steps to protect themselves and their loved ones from danger can unwittingly facilitate swimming pool accidents. Swimming Pool Accidents in Arizona
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Halloween Safety Tips to Prevent Pedestrian Accidents

What holiday is better than Halloween? Candy is everywhere, the costumes are creative, and kids and their parents can all have a good time out on the town. Unfortunately, Halloween also introduces some unique risks to even the safest neighborhoods. Whether you are going out on your own or taking kids trick-or-treating,
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How Social Media Can Impact Your Personal Injury Claim

It feels nearly impossible to escape the influence of social media these days. If you’re addressing a personal injury, social media can even feel like an escape from reality. Unfortunately, your pursuit of a personal injury claim isn’t likely to be helped by social media. In fact, social media can have a 
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Types of Evidence Needed in a Personal Injury Case in Utah

If you want to request compensation after a personal injury accident in Utah, you need to have evidence on hand. Evidence helps you defend your assertion of liability and the estimated compensation you’ve included in your complaint. That said, gathering evidence after a personal injury accident isn’t always easy. Some liable parties
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