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Salt Lake City Product Liability Lawyer

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  • Product liability cases involving defective products, pharmaceuticals, automotive defects, and unsafe children’s products are common in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • Feller & Wendt’s experienced attorneys handle various product liability cases, aiming to secure compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and potentially punitive damages.
  • They investigate each case thoroughly, holding manufacturers and distributors accountable for wrongdoing.
  • Consider contacting an experienced Salt Lake City product liability lawyer for a free consultation regarding your defective product case.

With the perpetual influx of new products aimed at enhancing our lives, there appears to be a gradual improvement in our overall quality of life. Advances in medical gadgets and treatments intend to contribute to longer and healthier lives, but unfortunately, sometimes, these new products come with detrimental safety hazards.

If you or someone you care about suffered an injury from a defective product in Salt Lake City or the surrounding area, a Feller & Wendt Salt Lake City product liability lawyer can help. Our team boasts extensive experience in handling product liability cases. We understand the nuances of this complex area of law, allowing us to provide insightful guidance and build robust cases for our clients in Salt Lake City and throughout Utah.

Types of Product Liability Cases We Handle in Salt Lake City, Utah

The Feller & Wendt team possesses extensive experience in representing clients involved in diverse product liability cases. Our scope covers, but is not limited to:

  • Defective products: Pursuing compensation for injuries resulting from products with design flaws, manufacturing defects, or inadequate warning labels.
  • Pharmaceutical and medical devices: Advocating for individuals harmed by harmful side effects or malfunctions in pharmaceutical drugs or medical devices.
  • Automotive defects: Holding manufacturers accountable for issues like faulty airbags or defective brakes that lead to severe accidents.
  • Unsafe children’s products: Seeking justice for children injured due to dangerous toys or products that fail to meet safety standards.
  • Other malfunctioning product claims: We also handle cases involving contaminated food and beverages, toxic chemicals, defective machinery, flammable clothing, harmful recreational products, malfunctioning home appliances, and more.

When it comes to product liability cases, having adept legal representation is crucial. Our experienced and empathetic Salt Lake City product liability attorneys possess a strong understanding of product liability law with a proven track record of successful outcomes for our clients. Our commitment revolves around safeguarding your rights and pursuing justice for those adversely affected by negligent manufacturers, distributors, or retailers.

Damages You May Recover in a Product Liability Case in Salt Lake City, Utah

When pursuing a product liability case with Feller & Wendt, our experienced legal team aims to secure a fair and comprehensive range of damages for our clients. The specific damages that may be recovered depend on the unique circumstances of each case, but some common types of damages that could be pursued include:

Medical Expenses

If you incurred medical bills due to injuries caused by a defective product, we work diligently to recover the full cost of your medical treatment, including:

  • Hospital stays,
  • Surgeries,
  • Medications,
  • Rehabilitation, and
  • Any future medical expenses related to the injury.

Lost Wages and Future Earnings

If your injuries have resulted in missed work days or the inability to work in the future, a Feller & Wendt Salt Lake City product liability lawyer will pursue compensation for the income you have lost and any potential future earnings that may be affected by the consequences of the defective product.

Pain and Suffering

Physical pain, emotional distress, and the overall impact on your quality of life are taken into account. We seek compensation for the non-economic damages you have experienced as a result of the defective product.

Punitive Damages

In certain situations where the conduct of the responsible party is deemed especially reckless or egregious, punitive damages may be pursued. These are intended to punish the at-fault party and deter others from putting others in danger in a similar fashion in the future.

The specific damages recoverable can vary based on factors such as the severity of injuries, the impact on your life, and the degree of negligence or liability on the part of the manufacturer or distributor. Feller & Wendt will work tirelessly to confirm that you receive the maximum compensation to which you are entitled under Utah state law.

How a Product Liability Lawyer in Salt Lake City, Utah Can Assist You

While our primary goal is securing maximum compensation for your damages, we also strive to contribute to a safer world. To achieve this, we meticulously investigate each case, establishing liability and gathering evidence to support your claim. Our team is dedicated to uncovering the truth and holding accountable those responsible for any wrongdoing.

Product liability cases often involve complex dealings with powerful corporations and their legal teams. Equipped with the necessary resources, we are prepared to take on these challenges and fight for your rights.

At Feller & Wendt, client well-being is our top priority. When you partner with us, we will guide you through every step of the legal process with clear and transparent communication.

Contact an Experienced Product Liability Attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah Today

Lawsuits involving unsafe products are intricate, often necessitating confrontation with powerful companies. If you or someone you care about has suffered due to a defective product, prompt action is essential, as these cases often have strict time limits for filing claims.

Schedule your free consultation today to explore your legal options by calling our Utah office at (801) 499-5060. You can also contact Feller & Wendt’s Salt Lake City product liability attorneys through our convenient contact form.

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