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6 Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney After an Accident

Getting injured in an accident could permanently affect your life. Serious, life-threatening injuries can cause lasting disabilities, such as paralysis or brain damage. It is important to protect your rights as a filing party by hiring a Boise personal injury attorney to represent you during a damage claim. A lawyer can help you navigate the personal injury claims process for the best possible outcome.

1. Personalized Legal Advice

One of the worst parts of being in an accident is the emotional turmoil you face. Psychological trauma from the accident, painful personal injuries, and mounting medical bills could take away your peace of mind. You may be able to get it back, however, by hiring a personal injury attorney. An attorney will give you the counsel you can trust. You can receive professional, objective, and honest advice about your claim and what to do next. A lawyer can answer your questions and list your options so you can choose the best one for your unique goals.

2. Resources to Help You Build a Claim

Hiring an attorney gives you immediate access to the law firm’s resources. Your lawyer can use the latest in legal technologies to help you demonstrate your damages to an insurance company, for example. An attorney will also have the resources to investigate your accident, collect evidence, and identify the defendant. Your lawyer can build a strong claim against a defendant while scrutinizing the other side’s evidence on your behalf.

3. Protection From Insurance Bad Faith

A personal injury lawyer spends all day, every day, going up against insurance companies and other defendants on behalf of injured clients. This experience and the knowledge that comes with it can benefit your claim. Your lawyer will know exactly what to say and do to force an insurance company to take you seriously and offer a fair settlement. If an insurance company tries to offer a lowball amount, deny a perfectly good claim or delay payout without reason, your attorney can file an insurance bad faith claim against the provider for additional financial compensation.

4. Assistance With Claims Filing

Navigating a personal injury claim can be difficult from the initial process of filing the claim. Filing requires you to obtain and fill out the right legal paperwork. You must then submit these documents by your state’s deadline to the correct civil court, typically in the county where your accident occurred or where the defendant lives. A lawyer can help you with these legal processes to expedite the claim, avoid mistakes, and save you time and money. If your case can be resolved through alternative dispute resolution, your lawyer can help you with mediation or arbitration so you can avoid court. Otherwise, your lawyer can represent you at trial.

5. No Fees If You Do Not Recover

The number one reason injured accident victims do not hire attorneys is concern over costs. However, there are personal injury lawyers in St. George, Utah and Boise, Idaho who accept clients on a contingency fee basis. This is a fee arrangement that guarantees injured accident victims can afford representation. With this arrangement, you will pay your lawyer nothing to retain services. You will not pay any attorney’s fees for your lawyer’s time until he or she secures you an award. No compensatory award won = no attorney’s fees. If your lawyer does win, you will pay the fees straight from your settlement or verdict, not from your pocket.

6. Maximum Compensation for Your Damages

One of the most compelling reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer is the amount of money you could receive with a lawyer’s help versus by yourself. With excellent negotiation skills, your lawyer can likely secure a higher settlement on your behalf than you could convince the insurance company to offer as an unrepresented claimant. If your case cannot settle, your lawyer can advocate for you during an injury trial instead. A lawyer will do everything he or she can to maximize your payout. Your recovery is how he or she makes money. You can trust a Nampa personal injury lawyer to fight for top results for your damages every step of the way.

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