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Layton Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

If your loved one suffered injuries or neglect in a nursing home and you believe someone else is responsible, you may be eligible to file a claim. Contact a compassionate Layton nursing home abuse attorney at Feller & Wendt, LLC™ for more information and experienced representation. Elderly people are at a much higher risk for almost every illness and injury but, in many cases, better care, proper staffing, and building upkeep would prevent nursing home injuries.

Common Nursing Home Injuries

Elderly people can experience many different injuries. Their bodies are usually more fragile, increasing the possibility they will hurt themselves. Some of the most common nursing home injuries include falls, bedsores, or improper medication.

Nearly three-quarters of nursing home residents suffer slip and fall accidents every year. Most nursing home residents fall more than once a year. Elderly people are at a higher risk to fall because they are less agile and have reduced mobility. Approximately 1,800 people die in nursing homes because of falls every year. Some of the falls occur because the nursing home staff or organization were being negligent. Some of the ways that negligence can cause nursing home injuries are wet floors, poor lighting, incorrect bed height, and improperly fitted wheelchairs.

Some elderly patients also experience bedsores. Bedsores are sores that develop from intensive pressure on certain parts of the body. They can occur when an elderly person is lying on a part of his or her body for an extended period. Bedsores most commonly occur on heels, ankles, hips, and tailbones. Some elderly people are not physically capable of moving themselves. In situations where the patient is immobile, the nursing home staff is responsible for helping him or her move so that he or she will not develop bedsores.

Another common nursing home injury stems from residents overdosing or taking the wrong medication. Many residents have a difficult time remembering how much of a medication they are supposed to take and sometimes even which medications they are supposed to take. Nursing home staff are responsible for making sure that residents take the correct dose and type of medication. If your loved one suffers harm because he or she took the wrong medication, it could be a sign of caregiver neglect and you should speak with a skilled Layton nursing home abuse attorney.

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Who Is Responsible for Nursing Home Injuries in Utah?

In many situations, the nursing home is responsible for a nursing home accident. They owe a very strict duty to the residents to take reasonable care of them. Fulfilling the standard of reasonable care involves providing plenty of food and drink, helping with medications, helping with general hygiene, and offering any necessary medical care. Nursing homes are in charge of keeping residents comfortable and seeing that their needs are met. Situations in which the nursing home could be liable for a nursing home accident resulting in injury include:

  • Negligent or poor training of staff members
  • Negligent or poor hiring of staff members
  • Failing to properly monitor staff
  • Failing to provide proper security
  • Failing to provide daily necessities such as food and water
  • Neglecting someone medically
  • Failing to protect residents from health and safety hazards
  • Imposing unreasonable or dangerous restraints
  • Staff members intentionally abusing residents

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If your loved one is in a Utah nursing home that has breached their duty and caused your loved one to suffer an injury, your family deserves compensation. The Layton personal injury attorneys at Feller & Wendt, LLC™ treat each client like family, representing you with compassion and care. Contact Feller & Wendt, LLC™ if your loved one suffered injuries or neglect that led to injuries in a nursing home before the statute of limitations runs out. We operate on a contingency fee basis. That means if we don’t win a settlement or judgment for you, you don’t pay any legal fees.


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