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Who May Be Held Liable for an Arizona Line of Sight Accident?

There is little to do when you are cruising down the highway and your view is suddenly obstructed. Slamming on your brakes and feeling your seatbelt tug against your collarbone, you pray for the best, but often, a line of sight accident occurs, accompanied by various aches and pains. 

If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence while driving, you are owed damages. Whether it was a fallen tree branch from last night’s storm or a semi-truck that has blindly whipped out into traffic, an Arizona personal injury attorney can help you navigate the ins and outs of what you are rightfully owed. 

3 Parties Who May Be Held Liable in an Arizona Line of Sight Accident

Line of sight accidents can occur in many different ways, the most common of which is pulling into traffic with an obstructed view. Arizona’s mountainous terrain also leads to distinct blind spots, in which drivers must proceed cautiously. If you have been in an accident due to a temporary obstruction in your line of sight, the following parties may be liable for negligence: 

Property Owner

The property owner may be at fault for your accident. If you are driving and suddenly unable to make out your surroundings due to an overgrown shrub or fallen debris on a business’s or homeowner’s property, they may be found liable for negligence. There is a certain responsibility to keep your property safe and contained, and failure to do so can be dangerous for civilians. 

City or Local Government

Examples in which your city or local government may be at fault for your line of sight accident include: 

  • Construction obstruction 
  • Improperly marked or placed construction vehicles
  • An object they are charged with maintaining is blocking your line of sight

Filing a claim against the city is a lengthy and time-sensitive process, and it is advisable to meet with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. 

Shared Liability

Pulling out into traffic with only a partial view of the road is dangerous. It is vital you proceed with caution and drive slowly to ensure minimal risk. Even with all of that in mind, you may still be in an accident. Sometimes, you are driving too fast to slow down, or you thought the coast was clear, and you collide with another vehicle. Arizona law allows you to share liability in cases where it is hard to pinpoint who is at fault. Even with this admission, Arizona still allows you to receive compensation for your injuries. 

You have to be careful when admitting fault, and it is best to discuss the matter with your personal injury lawyer beforehand to make sure this declaration is in your best interest. A dedicated representative from Feller & Wendt will be able to thoroughly discuss how to best proceed.

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Suffering injuries due to someone else’s negligence can be costly to your health and your wallet. Feller & Wendt is bringing over 70 years of combined experience to the table and has helped numerous clients across the nation get access to the compensation they deserve. Our car collision attorneys bring a personalized touch to our service, and we ensure we are there through every step of the process. 

While you focus on resting and recovering with family, we gather evidence and begin building your case. If need be, we will even take your claim to court, where we have a 95% success rate. For a free consultation to discuss your line of sight accident, call us at (480) 702-2277 or use our contact form today.

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