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What to Do after an Arizona Electric Scooter Accident

The prevalence of electric scooters on Arizona’s streets has risen steadily over the past several years, especially in its big cities. These scooters allow riders to enjoy a fun, convenient, and economical mode of transportation. As the number of scooters on the streets increase, however, so does the risk of scooter injuries. Scooters are smaller and quieter, making them less visible to other motor vehicles on the road.  They also offer less protection in the event of collisions or accidents. If you’ve been in a scooter accident, contact an Arizona scooter accident lawyer.

The team of personal injury attorneys at Feller & Wendt have been following the rise of these scooter accidents in recent years and take cases involving a wide variety of scooter accidents around Arizona. Their experience and knowledge can help you if you have been injured in a scooter accident.

Common Types of Scooter Accidents

Given the nature of electric scooters on city streets, there are two major types of accidents involving them:

Vehicle Hits Scooter Rider

If a driver causes the accident due to their own negligence, the driver is at fault in this scenario. Since the driver is at fault, the liability coverage of their car insurance will be responsible for covering the rider’s medical bills and any repairs needed for the scooter.

Scooter Rider Causes Accident

The reverse is also possible. People operating scooters can be negligent. A frequent accident caused by scooters is when the scooter merges lanes incorrectly, which can cause cars to swerve or brake abruptly. They can also be distracted and hit a car, pedestrian, or property. In these cases, the scooter driver will be at fault and be responsible for any damages that occur.

What to Do Immediately after an Electric Scooter Crash

No matter who is at fault for the crash, there are steps that always need to be taken in the immediate aftermath of a scooter accident.

1. Get Medical Attention

First and foremost, you’ll need to call an ambulance right away if you suspect that you or any other party has been injured after the accident. Not only is this important for your health, but you’ll need these medical records if you want to file an injury claim in the future.

2. Stay at the Scene

Whether the accident is major or minor, you need to stay at the scene of the accident or you may have a potential hit and run charge. Even if you’re not waiting for the police to arrive, you’ll need to:

  • Take photos of the scene to document all of the damage.
  • Acquire contact details of any witnesses.
  • Get the other driver’s details, such as their insurance information and driver’s license number.
  • See if there were any security cameras that could have captured the incident.

3. Report the Accident to Police

Once the accident occurs and you have determined the extent of injuries and damages, you’ll need to report it to the proper authorities.  Most likely, the police will be involved if any of the following were involved in the accident:

  • The accident involved injury or death
  • The driver was intoxicated or under the influence
  • The other driver fled
  • One or more cars required tow truck removal
  • A commercial motor vehicle was involved

Contact an Experienced Arizona Electric Scooter Accident Attorney

With the use of electric scooters on the rise, it’s hard for Arizona cities to keep up with the changing technology and laws. At Feller & Wendt, our attorneys demand answers and justice from those people and companies that put your safety at risk. It’s more common now than ever before that you or a loved one may be involved in an electric scooter accident. If this is the case, we’re here to help.  Call us today at (480) 702-2277 or fill out our contact form for a free consultation.

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