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What to Avoid Saying at the Scene of a Car Accident

All you wanted to do was get home from work, but another person who wasn’t paying attention to the road around them just slammed into your car. After a car accident, it’s easy to be frustrated and blurt something out that you don’t mean. Unfortunately, what you do say in the next 30-45 minutes could have lasting consequences for years to come.

In Utah alone, over 50,000 car accident incidents were reported last year, and roughly 1/3 of those resulted in personal injuries. So if you ever find yourself adding to those statistics, contacting award winning Utah personal injury Attorneys as soon as possible will ease your mind and help you take the guesswork out of your next steps.

Key Things NOT to Say after an Auto Accident

If you do find yourself in an accident, whether it’s your fault or not, take a deep breath, and give yourself a few minutes to choose your words carefully. Below is a quick guide for what not to say after a collision.

“I Think,” “I Know,” or “I Believe.”

You do not want to say things like, “I feel like you were going too fast” or “I believe you didn’t have your blinker on.” As harmless as they sound, determining fault is not your job. Leave this to the professionals. 

You do want to stick to facts. Your answers should be to a law enforcement officer and should consist of facts only; Leave out feeling or thinking statements. If you are asked something and aren’t sure of the answer, say “I don’t know,” or “I can’t remember right now.”

“My Bad,” “I’m Sorry,” or “I Was Wrong.”

Unless you were absolutely at fault, you do not want to say anything that indicates you’re admitting fault. While these are common phrases that seem to just slip off the tongue, it can prove detrimental to your case in the long run.

You do want to remain silent if you are not being asked a direct question. It may be hard, especially under stress, but it could be crucial to your case. 

“I’m Ok,” “It’s Not That Bad,” or “I’m Not Hurt.”

You do not want to say anything about your medical state until you are vetted by a professional. Once again, this is the time to leave it to the experts. You have no idea what lasting effects a simple crash can have on your physical being.

You do want to make it known that you will be seeking a professional opinion on this issue, and you need to remind yourself that you can’t rely on what you feel right now. When the adrenaline wears off, you’ll likely be in a much different frame of mind.  Many injuries do not manifest until days or weeks later.  

“Ok, I Accept.”

You do not want to accept any monetary offers without consulting a lawyer. No matter the situation, only a licensed personal injury attorney can effectively determine the appropriate compensation after a collision. Additionally, accepting an instant-pay option can disqualify you from pursuing further compensation.

You do want to, again, consult a professional to assist you during this trying time. 

Extra tip:  An insurance adjuster’s first offer is rarely ever their top offer.  

Protect Yourself In A Car Accident

Car collisions can be tricky situations, but they don’t have to be. If you are in a collision, don’t go it alone; trust the winning team of Utah car accident lawyers at Feller & Wendt. A quick visit to our website, and you’ll gain access to a team of trial lawyers so good, they currently proudly have a 95% success rate. 

Want to discuss your specific case and gain a little clarity in a challenging situation? Call (801) 499-5060 for your free consultation today.

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