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What Should I Do If I Was Bitten by My Neighbor’s Dog in Utah?

When a dog bites you, this can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. It is most important to get medical attention for your injury, primarily after being bitten. After things have calmed down some and you are taken care of medically, you may want to consider your next steps. When your neighbors’ dog bites you, you may have a course of legal action in front of you. If this occurs, you should check with an experienced attorney to see what your options may be. 

Fast Facts About Dog Bites

Did you know that dog bites count for 4.7 million injuries every year in the United States? But the downside of this astronomical number is that insurance companies typically only pay 15,000 to 16,000 victims for these bites and injuries. However, for someone with an attorney, your chances of receiving compensation for your injuries jump from 33% to 66%. Dog bites happen, and when they do, you must be prepared. 

Personal Injury Attorneys Know How to Present Cases

Most of the time, a bodily injury case will be settled outside of court. Therefore, if you retain an attorney when the incident occurs, you stand a better chance of not even going to trial and getting a settlement offer from your neighbor. 

An attorney will help to evaluate your claim on your behalf. They can look at all the factors associated with your injuries and claim. When you must recover from a dog bite, there is a good chance you will lose hours at work, which also means you will lose money. It is best to have an attorney in your corner for this very reason. 

They can help to present the evidence of the missed time and lost wages from work. 

If your injury is incredibly significant and you find yourself disfigured from the bite, you may have a good claim for potential future earning loss as well. Proving this type of loss is a specialized skill among attorneys. It is essential to have someone that has experience in their corner for this type of case. 

It’s Important to Retain Your Lawyer Quickly

Don’t put off hiring an attorney in hopes that resolution will be met without legal interference. You will want to retain a lawyer early after your incident occurs to ensure that you’re protected from day one. This helps enable the insurance company to have a better guess or estimate of the type of compensation you will receive. Experienced lawyers can offer key evidence and guides to the adjusters to help evaluate a settlement. 

Contact a Physical Injury Attorney Today

While it can be a time of pain and angst after suffering a dog bite at the hands of your neighbor’s dog, there is hope for getting some relief. It is important to think about how this incident has affected you both personally and financially. Do not suffer in silence. Get some help from an experienced lawyer for your personal injury claim. 

When considering who to call for this type of claim, consider contacting Feller and Wendt. Allow our years of experience in personal injury to work for you and get the results you deserve. 

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