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Tucson Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

When riding a motorcycle is your preferred way of transportation, you understand the vigilance you must exercise on the road. A negligent or careless driver can be the difference between enjoying the scenic views or being injured in an accident. Unfortunately, it has become commonplace for other motorists to engage in distracted driving behaviors that lead to harming an unsuspecting motorcyclist. 

Proving negligent behavior in this type of case can be complex, but if you have been terribly hurt as a result of someone else’s actions, you should speak with a Tucson motorcycle accident attorney promptly for an assessment of your case. Working with a knowledgeable Tucson lawyer can help you recoup maximum compensation for your losses. 

Common Reasons for Tucson Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents typically occur because of careless driving habits. Other motorists on the road may engage in behaviors that put your well-being at risk. When this happens, you face life-threatening consequences.

 The most common reasons for Tucson motorcycle accidents include: 

  • Driver negligence or distraction: Drivers that engage in reckless activities behind the wheel like texting, eating, or talking to others in the car put other motorists at risk on the road. 
  • Manufacturing defects: Manufacturing defects can often result in accidents on the road. This means you can hold the entity for part manufacturing accountable for your injuries.
  • Driver error: Driver errors such as following too closely, failing to yield, not giving motorcyclists the right of way, and failing to check blind spots all contribute to the potential of an accident. 
  • Driver fatigue: Driver’s judgment and reaction time are typically impaired when they are fatigued. This can easily contribute to accidents because it leads to driver error. 
  • Drivers under the influence: Drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs are putting every motorist on the road at risk of terrible injury or death when they choose to drive. 

If you believe you have been injured in an accident because of one of the reasons above, speak with a Tucson motorcycle accident attorney for knowledgeable legal counsel regarding your case. With a seasoned lawyer to advocate for you, you can collect persuasive evidence to build a solid case. 

Injuries Resulting from a Tucson Motorcycle Accident 

Depending on the impact of the accident that you have experienced, you may be enduring mild to severe injuries. Even if you are wearing protective clothing such as a helmet, you can still be terribly hurt because of the lack of protection between you and the road. Because of this, motorcyclists are typically more likely to die in an accident than occupants of other vehicles. 

Injuries that result from motorcycle accidents include: 

  • Traumatic brain injuries 
  • Fractured skull and bones 
  • Injuries to the spinal cord 
  • Internal organ damage and wounds 
  • Laceration 
  • Paralysis
  • Scarring or deformity 
  • Road rash 

Experiencing a terrible motorcycle accident means that you have mounting past and future medical bills, lost wages, and expenses related to property damage. These financial burdens are all recoverable in a motorcycle accident claim. You may also receive compensation for emotional pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, or other emotional impairments. Consult a Tucson motorcycle accident lawyer for an assessment of all legal options available to you.

Speak with a Tucson Motorcycle Accident Attorney at Feller & Wendt   

If you have endured a Tucson motorcycle accident, the legal team at Feller & Wendt works diligently to recoup the maximum damages you are owed. We are skilled in exploring all legal avenues available to help you attain the most favorable outcome for your case. 

In order to push forward from your accident, you don’t want to worry about mounting financial burdens. Let us work with you to hold the negligent party accountable for your injuries. The lawyers at Feller & Wendt offer compassionate compensation and a 95% success rate to bring you an unmatched level of service. Call us for a free consultation at (480) 702-2277 or fill out our contact form

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