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The Increasing Number Of Motorcycle Accidents

Don’t Become Just Another Number

Motorcycles have been a primary mode of transportation for many Floridians, especially with the increasing numbers in the population of Florida over the past few years.  Many people love Florida weather and that has been a main factor which attracts them here. With this increase, more motorcycle accidents will begin to surface and have currently been rising, which can lead to gravely injured people and even deaths. In 2013, Smart Florida reported that 19.2% of all deadly accidents were associated with either a driver or passenger of a motorcycle. Likewise, each day, there is an average of  31 Florida residents that are hospitalized or visit an ER due to severe injuries from a vehicle accident.

More Awareness About Motorcycles Driving On The Roads

There has not been enough public awareness about safely sharing the roads with motorcycles even though motorcycles seem to be taking over in Florida along with many other states. There are more motorcycles now than there was 10 years ago. Many drivers do not give the motorcycle the right-of-way or do not look around to see if there is any motorcycles near them. Both of these negligent decisions can be what causes a terrible tragedy.

There are instances when these two reasons are what can cause other vehicles to crash as well. People simply do not pay attention to the traffic laws, although everyone, including motorcyclists, must obey them. Contacting a Miami motorcycle accident lawyer from Percy Martinez Law Firm can provide their knowledge and support for victims of a motorcycle accident.

Data On Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are less visible than cars and more vulnerable in being struck. They lack the protection that a vehicle has. When a motorcycle driver gets into an accident, the consequences can be deadly. Here are some statistics from 2015:

  • 4693 fatalities in 2015
  • 90% of killed motorcylists were males, the greater number being over the age of 50
  • 61% of females were passengers
  • A Helmet was worn for 61% of fatalities

Safety measures and preventative measures need to enforced on all drivers around the U.S. Every year there has been an increasing number of accidents due to various different reasons. Distractions, poor weather conditions, negligence, speeding, driving under the influence, among others, are just a few causes that can end a person’s life.

Miami Motorcycle Personal Injury Lawyer Experts

Many people purchase a motorcycle to try something different or simply love them. We are aware that many older men reach a stage where they want a change in their lives and by purchasing a motorcycle, they are making one. Percy Martinez Law firm has handled a large number of motorcycle accidents, especially since Miami is populated with so many. They have fought for motorcyclists who were injured by other drivers, along with drivers who were injured by motorcyclists due to their recklessness, and or negligence.

Confusion after an accident is bound to happen but having their case evaluated is strongly suggested by the firm. The firm provides a free consultation so that the victim can understand their rights and determine whether they have a case or not against the negligent driver or entities that caused their injuries. Their number is (305)529-0001 and they always commit themselves 100% to their clients.

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