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The 6 Most Common Workplace Injuries in Utah

Injuries at the workplace are every employee and employer’s worst nightmare. Employers are upheld to a certain standard of safety that can get complicated, depending on the industry you are in. Employees are trained to adhere to these safety standards and educated on avoiding workplace injuries with proper training and equipment handling. But accidents in the workplace still happen. Let’s take a closer look at the common workplace injuries in Utah. 

Falling from Heights in Your Workplace

Falling is the leading cause of worker deaths in the construction industry. Falls can be deadly, especially if a worker falls from a high level. Day in and day out, construction workers risk falling from roofs, scaffolding, stairways, and ladders. Falls are often attributed to inadequate and poorly constructed structures. Improperly using equipment can also cause accidental falls.

Automobile Accidents While on the Clock 

People who drive around a lot as part of their job description are more likely to get into a vehicular accident. Accidents like these can be attributed to poor driving conditions, inclement weather, or exposure to careless drivers who don’t pay attention. To minimize the risk of car accidents, employees typically require a clean driving record.

Slipping on Wet Surfaces at Work 

Wet or icy surfaces contribute to the number of employees who slip in their workplace. Scattered debris and improper and unstable flooring can also cause a person to trip and get injured. Tripping or falling can be detrimental to an employee’s health and can result in broken bones, fractures, bruising, and in severe cases, spinal and head injuries.

Slipping and tripping can be preventable if employees and employers practice proper cleanup procedures to ensure that no debris is left behind or in somebody’s way. Proper lighting in workplaces is also an important factor because this would enable employees to see where they are going.

Electrocution Accidents on the Job  

Employees are at electrocution risk if they are exposed to open or live wires or faulty electrical outlets. To prevent electrocution in the job site, employers should do an extensive survey of the job site and make sure that there are no open or live wires and that all electrical sources are secured and working properly.

Struck by Objects at the Worksite 

Objects that are falling, flying, and rolling can get into contact with an employee and can cause minor to significant damage. The bigger and heavier the object is, the bigger the damage will be. Loose objects can cause blunt-force trauma such as brain injury, cuts, bruises, and injuries to the internal organs. 

Repetitive Motion Injuries in the Workplace  

Repetitive motion can cause many injuries at the workplace. The most common example of this is carpal tunnel syndrome caused by small movements done repeatedly over time like typing, mouse-clicking, or working in an assembly line.

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