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Free Consultation: 480.702.2277

Tempe Slip and Fall Lawyer

We’ve all seen them; businesses and properties with unmaintained flooring, exposed wires, broken banisters, and other unsafe conditions. When a property owner fails to provide a safe environment for visitors and neglect leads to injury, they may be held legally accountable for the harm they cause. 

Slip and fall injuries account for over 1 million visits to the emergency room each year. On top of physical pain, slip and fall victims may also incur losses due to medical expenses, lost wages, disability, emotional suffering, and other substantial losses. Speak with the experienced Tempe slip and fall lawyers at Feller & Wendt if you believe a property owner failed their legal duty of care to provide a safe, well-maintained environment that directly led to your injuries. Speak with us during your complimentary consultation of your claim, and we will provide legal guidance surrounding your best options to secure the justice you deserve. 

How the Tempe Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers at Feller & Wendt Can Help 

At Feller & Wendt, we provide personalized representation and top-of-the-line legal service as we help victims seek the compensation they deserve for injuries inflicted due to negligence. We understand that the claims process may be overwhelming as you begin to heal from injuries and emotional suffering. We handle all vital aspects of your claim to ensure that you are able to focus on recovery while we pursue the most favorable outcome on your behalf. 

The following are additional ways the slip and fall accident attorneys at Feller & Wendt can help your claim: 

  • We prioritize personalized representation and ensure that you are able to get in touch with us 24/7 by providing you with our personal phone number 
  • We have a successful track record in the courtroom with a 95% success rate of obtaining the most favorable outcome for our clients 
  • We offer an unmatched level of legal service with over 70 years of combined experience, fighting for the compensation victims deserve for the harm they suffered due to negligence 
  • We are an award-winning legal team, honored with accolades such as 2022 Top 10 Personal Injury Law Firm, Top 25 Motor Vehicle Trial Lawyers, and Top 25 Brain Injury Trial Lawyers 

Our skilled Tempe Legal team has the experience, knowledge, and tireless dedication to protect the legal rights of victims affected by negligence and pursue the maximum compensation they deserve for the suffering they have endured. Schedule a complimentary consultation today with our award-winning slip-and-fall injury attorneys. 

Liability in a Slip and Fall Injury Claim in Tempe 

A property owner is lawfully obligated to provide a safe, well-maintained environment for legal visitors. If a property owner neglected to fix an unsafe condition or did not react appropriately to a hazard on their property in a timely manner, then they may be held liable for the injuries and other damages incurred due to negligence. 

Proving liability in a slip and fall claim requires the following evidence to be gathered and show negligence:

  • Obtaining an incident report 
  • Providing documentation or other evidence that the property owner had knowledge or notice of the hazard that caused injury 
  • Witness testimony 
  • Medical records depicting the extent and severity of injuries 
  • Video or photo evidence of the dangerous conditions on the property 

At Feller & Wendt, we will assist you in gathering the necessary evidence to prove negligence in your slip and fall claim. Slip and fall injuries may be severe and cause significant financial losses. Over 22% of slip and fall accidents result in more than 31 days out of work, putting financial strain on victims. You should not have to cover the expenses for someone else’s mistakes, and we fight to secure the financial compensation you deserve. 

Damages Recoverable in a Tempe Slip and Fall Claim 

Working with an experienced Tempe slip and fall lawyer may bolster your chances of a successful claim by working to prove that the property owner’s direct negligence resulted in your injuries. 

In a successful claim, you may be able to recover the following economic and non-economic damages: 

  • Medical care 
  • Rehabilitation
  • Disability 
  • Lost wages 
  • Diminished earning capacity 
  • Medication management 
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Emotional distress
  • Scarring or disfigurement 

A slip and fall injury may have a significant negative impact on your day-to-day life, especially if you experience permanent harm and physical impairment, making it difficult to return to work or take care of daily responsibilities. Consult an experienced Tempe slip and fall attorney for an assessment of your claim. Together, we will fight for the monetary compensation you deserve and obtain accountability for a property owner’s negligence. 

Speak With the Experienced Tempe Slip and Fall Injury Attorneys at Feller & Wendt 

At Feller & Wendt, we have recovered millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for victims affected by negligence. We recognize the financial and emotional toll slip and fall accidents may have on your daily life. Consult our experienced Tempe slip and fall legal team for skilled legal guidance regarding your best steps moving forward. 

If a property owner directly caused your injuries and other losses due to negligence and failure to respond to hazards on their property, speak with the experienced personal injury lawyer at Feller & Wendt. Schedule a free consultation today at (480) 702-2277, or fill out our contact form

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