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Tempe Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Lawyer

When we can’t effectively and properly care for our elderly loved ones, we entrust nursing homes to care for them. We expect nursing home staff to exercise the care and services that our elderly loved ones need to ensure their comfort and health. When nursing home staff fail to meet the required level of care, it places elderly adults in danger of suffering severe injury and emotional, physical, mental, and even financial abuse. 

At Feller & Wendt, our legal team cares deeply about victims of neglect and abuse. We strive to ensure that victims and their families receive the justice they deserve after the terrible wrongdoing committed by people entrusted to care for their loved ones. Money cannot undo the harm your loved one suffered, but it can provide care and comfort for your family member in the future. Contact our firm to get started on your nursing home abuse or neglect claim today. 

Where to Report Nursing Home Abuse

In Arizona, nursing home abuse may be reported to the following agencies:

Local Law Enforcement

Suspecting your elderly loved one is being abused is terrifying, and you may be unsure what to do, but that’s where law enforcement comes in. They can point you to the appropriate division, which will investigate your claim and involve the proper agencies.

Long-Term Care Ombudsman

Long-term care ombudsman advocates for nursing home residents’ rights, quality of life, and care in nursing homes in Arizona. They regularly visit nursing homes and assisted living facilities to investigate and resolve complaints filed by family members, loved ones, facility staff members, residents, and other agencies. 

The ombudsman investigates abuse complaints and utilizes state or local agencies to resolve the issue. They will inform nursing home residents and families of their rights and resources that may be available to them.

Adult Protective Services

The Arizona Department of Economic Security’s Adult Protective Services handles reports of exploitation committed against older adults, including nursing home residents. To file a report with them, you may call the elder abuse hotline— 1-877-SOS-ADULT —from Monday to Friday between 7am and 7pm, on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6pm.

It’s also possible to file a report online at

Department of Health Services

The Arizona Department of Health Services Bureau of Long Term Care Licensing protects nursing home residents’ safety and health by investigating complaints of nursing home abuse.

The agency is comprised of teams of registered nurses and other medical professionals who conduct annual state medicare certification, licensure, and recertification inspection to ensure nursing homes comply with federal and state regulations.

Elder Abuse Laws in Tempe, Arizona

Arizona has senior citizen abuse laws in place to protect elderly individuals from abuse and neglect. They’re designed to protect vulnerable adults from harm and hold abusers accountable for their actions. According to Arizona’s Adult Protective Services act, a successful claim for neglect or abuse of a vulnerable adult must meet the requirements set forth by the statute. An adult that suffers neglect or abuse from a caregiver must meet the criteria of either being incapacitated or vulnerable. 

Federal laws are also in place to protect older adults. The federal Elder Justice Act makes it a requirement for certain individuals at long-term care facilities to report crimes committed against elderly residents.

  • Doctors
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Residents or interns
  • Surgeons
  • Psychologists
  • Dentists
  • Social workers
  • Peace officers
  • Persons responsible for the care of a vulnerable adult

Elder abuse and neglect is a serious issue. Abusers must be held accountable for their actions. Contact Feller & Wendt today to learn more about how we can help your family find justice for your elderly loved one.

Is Elder Neglect and Abuse a Crime?

Elder abuse and neglect are crimes in the state of Arizona. In fact, it is considered a felony. The abuser may face criminal action and punishment depending on the severity of the incident. If a case moves forward to trial, the victim and any possible witness may need to testify. While the prospects of testifying and going through a trial may seem daunting, it’s necessary to protect the elderly victim. 

Is Elder Neglect and Abuse Eligible for a Personal Injury Claim?

Elder neglect and abuse may also be tried in civil court. Families may file a personal injury lawsuit to recover monetary compensation. There are various types of compensation available to victims of nursing home neglect and abuse. Additionally, family members and loved ones of the victim may be able to receive compensation for out-of-pocket expenses they incurred due to handling the abuse or neglect allegations.

Generally, the available compensation may include:

  • Any medical bills that arise due to the abuse or neglect
  • Compensation for the victim’s pain and suffering
  • Loss of quality of life damages
  • The cost of relocating to a new facility
  • Punitive damages against the alleged abuser or nursing home

Family members and other dependent surviving loved ones may also be able to recover compensation for the death of their loved one through a wrongful death lawsuit.

The total amount of compensation available in these cases depends on the facts and circumstances related to your case. A skilled nursing home abuse lawyer will be able to guide you through every aspect of your case and work with you to ensure a favorable outcome.

Need a Skilled Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Lawyer? Contact Feller & Wendt Today

Proving a nursing home’s negligence or abuse can be challenging and complex. Building a strong case will take experience and resources. At Feller & Wendt, our nursing home abuse lawyers will protect your legal rights and fight to get your older loved one the compensation they deserve.

Feller & Wendt is committed to our clients. Our nursing home neglect lawyers treat each client like family, and we understand the importance of protecting older adults. Contact our firm today by completing our contact form or calling (480) 702-2277.

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