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St. George Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Each time you ride your motorcycle, you are aware of the risks and dangers of the road. You could encounter poor weather conditions or road hazards that could cause a motorcycle accident. However, the most dangerous risk you face comes from other motorists. Drivers do not pay enough attention to motorcycles on the road. They cut off riders and rear-end riders who are turning or slowing down. If a motorist causes a motorcycle accident, that person may be liable for damages caused by the accident.

Holding a motorist or other party liable for your damages can be challenging. You must meet the no-fault insurance threshold for filing an injury claim against another driver. You must also prove that the other driver was at fault, and you may need to battle allegations of comparative negligence. Insurance companies may deny or undervalue your motorcycle accident claim.

For these reasons and many more, it is generally in your best interest to speak with a St. George motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible. At Feller & Wendt, LLC, our injury attorneys represent motorcyclists who have been injured in accidents. We fight for a rider’s legal right to receive full compensation for all injuries, damages, and losses.

Contact Feller & Wendt, LLC to request a free consultation with one of our motorcycle accident attorneys in St. George. We do not charge anything to review your case, answer your questions about motorcycle accident claims, and explain your legal rights and options.

If you hire one of our motorcycle and auto accident attorneys in St. George, we do not charge you any upfront attorneys’ fees. You only pay attorneys’ fees after we recover compensation for your motorcycle accident claim.

Allegations of Comparative Negligence in Motorcycle Accident Cases

Insurance companies search for ways to avoid paying valid injury claims. A standard insurance tactic is to blame the accident victim. Under Utah’s comparative negligence laws, your compensation for an accident claim is reduced by the level of fault assigned to you for the accident.

Therefore, if an insurance company can paint a picture of a reckless motorcyclist who was driving too fast, it could convince a jury that you are partially to blame for the crash. If the jury believes you are more than 50 percent to blame, you receive no compensation for your motorcycle accident claim.

Our St. George motorcycle accident lawyers are skilled in fighting comparative negligence claims. We understand this tactic and are prepared to argue in court, if necessary, to prove that the other driver was entirely at fault for the cause of the accident.

Injuries and Damages in Utah Motorcycle Accident Claims

Motorcycle accident injuries can be traumatic. A rider may be wearing a motorcycle helmet, gloves, boots, and other protective gear at the time of the crash. However, protective gear cannot prevent all motorcycle accident injuries. The lack of protection offered by the motorcycle increases the risk of catastrophic injuries in a motorcycle crash.

Common motorcycle injuries our attorneys have handled include, but are not limited to:

  • Broken Bones and Fractures
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Concussions and Skull Fractures
  • Road Rash and Disfigurement
  • Spinal Cord and Back Injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Neck and Shoulder Injuries
  • Facial Injuries
  • Damage to Internal Organs

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, you will likely incur medical bills and loss of income. Those amounts may be recoverable in a personal injury claim. Additionally, you may also receive compensation for your physical pain, emotional suffering, scarring, loss of enjoyment of life, and permanent impairments.

The amount you might receive for a motorcycle accident claim depends on the severity of your injuries, whether you contributed to the cause of the motorcycle accident, your financial losses, and other factors.

The legal team at Feller & Wendt, LLC works to recover the maximum value for your motorcycle accident claim. We do not stop fighting until we pursue all legal avenues to recover compensation for your claim.

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The St. George injury lawyers at Feller & Wendt, LLC care about what happened to you. We are sorry for the pain and suffering you experienced because of a negligent and careless driver. We encourage you to reach out to our office to speak with one of our lawyers. We are here to help you hold the person responsible for your injuries liable for your personal injury claim.

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