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Sedona Rear-End Collision Lawyer

As a Sedona driver, you have likely witnessed a distracted driver fail to stop at an intersection and crash  into the vehicle ahead of them. While many consider rear-end collisions minor accidents, victims often sustain painful and expensive injuries. If you suffered injuries in a preventable rear-end accident due to someone else’s careless or reckless behavior, an experienced attorney can help you pursue monetary compensation to relieve the physical, emotional, and financial burdens associated with your accident. 

If you were injured in a rear-end accident, you do not have to fight for your right to compensation alone. At Feller & Wendt, our rear-end accident attorneys understand the stress and frustration of dealing with needless injuries and aim to make the complex legal process as straightforward as possible. We are dedicated to working tirelessly to handle every detail of your case so you can focus your energy on your healing and recovery. 

Possible Compensation for Your Rear-End Accident Injuries

Depending on the severity of a rear-end collision, you may incur significant economic and non-economic damages. However, you should not be forced to pay out of pocket for your injuries and other losses. At Feller & Wendt, our attorneys have extensive experience recovering the maximum  compensation possible for our clients, including the following damages:

Current and Future Medical Expenses

Rear-end accident victims may require surgeries, new medications, and physical therapy to recover from injuries. An experienced Sedona rear end collision lawyers can pursue damages for your current and anticipated medical costs through a personal injury claim. 

Lost Wages and Earning Potential

If your injuries require a long-term and expensive treatment plan, you will likely need to miss work as you focus on healing. Our attorneys can help you seek damages for the wages and any impact on your future earnings caused by your injuries. 

Pain and Suffering

Medical expenses and lost wages have a tangible monetary value. However, they are not the only damages rear-end accident victims may endure. Physical pain and emotional distress can also place significant strain on victims, and you deserve compensation for these non-economic losses. 

Every case is unique, and our highly-qualified attorneys may be able to seek additional damages depending on the details of your claim. We are dedicated to considering your current and expected needs as we fight for justice on your behalf. 

Examples of Negligence in Rear-End Accidents

Rear-end collisions occur all too often across the United States, with nearly 1.7 million accidents taking place annually. Although every rear-end accident is different, many are caused by similar instances of driver negligence. A few common causes of rear-end accidents include the following:

  • Drowsy driving
  • Failure to slow down for inclement weather
  • Misjudging the distance between vehicles
  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving
  • Changing lanes without checking their surroundings
  • Texting while driving
  • Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol 

Following a rear-end accident, contacting a trusted Sedona rear end accident lawyers is essential. The skilled Sedona rear end collision lawyers at Feller & Wendt have a proven track record of achieving the best possible outcomes for their clients in Arizona. Our extensive experience and thorough understanding of Arizona law can help level the playing field as you pursue compensation for your losses.

Establishing Liability in Rear-End Accident Case

The rear driver will typically be found responsible for a rear-end accident unless they can prove one of the exceptions to their liability under the law. However, the rear driver and their attorneys may still attempt to deny or devalue the claim by claiming you bear partial or complete fault for the collision. When you retain the services of a skilled car accident attorney, they will evaluate your accident and build a solid case supported by evidence. Some pieces of evidence that may be essential in establishing liability include the following:

  • Police reports
  • Cell phone records
  • Eyewitness observations
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Photos from the scene of the accident
  • Traffic camera or surveillance footage
  • Your medical records

At Feller & Wendt, our award-winning Sedona rear end collision lawyers are committed to thoroughly investigating every aspect of your accident to collect essential evidence and build the strongest claim possible on your behalf. When you partner with us, we will fight aggressively for the justice you deserve. 

Speak to a Highly-Qualified Sedona, AZ Rear-End Accident Attorney at Feller & Wendt

The skilled attorneys at Feller & Wendt understand the challenges associated with healing and recovering from a rear-end collision. Our seasoned attorneys are committed to getting to know you and your unique case so we can tailor our approach to your needs. We take a meticulous and compassionate approach to every rear-end accident case to ensure you have the best representation possible on your side. We are ready to use our many years of experience to fight for a favorable outcome on your behalf. 

To learn more about how our talented legal team can help you, schedule a free consultation today by calling (480) 702-2277 or completing our contact form.

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