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Sedona Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle accidents are, unfortunately, common. Statistically more dangerous than a motor vehicle accident involving two passenger-sized vehicles, motorcycle accident injuries are also normally more serious. There are many reasons for this, including the lack of protective technology on motorcycles and no requirement for most drivers to wear a helmet. As cautious as you are, driving a motorcycle comes with an inherent risk that is only escalated when navigating the negligent and reckless driving of others. 

Even if you adhere to the rules of the road, you may still find yourself in a serious accident. If you are not at fault for the incident and suffer a loss of quality of life due to hospital bills or lost wages, you may be eligible for damages. It is vital you connect with a Sedona motorcycle accident lawyer from Feller & Wendt as soon as possible so they can begin the process of bringing your case to justice. 

What Causes Motorcycle Accidents in Sedona?

Arizona’s Department of Public Safety reports that most accidents are avoidable by simply following Arizona’s traffic laws. It is imperative you are properly equipped to ride a motorcycle, as it is inherently more dangerous than other forms of transportation. Helmets are not required but do severely reduce the risk of serious head and brain traumas. If you are fully prepared and adhere to the traffic laws, there are still risks involved, including the follow common causes:

Third-Party Vehicle

One of the most common causes of a motorcycle accident is a negligent third-party driver. There are many ways they can exhibit reckless and dangerous behavior, not limited to the following: 

  • Impaired or intoxicated driving
  • Texting and driving
  • Not checking their blind spots
  • Speeding
  • Failure to yield
  • Running stop lights or stop signs
  • Failure to properly use turning signals

Regular, passenger-sized vehicles can weigh up to eight times the amount of a motorcycle. The results of a collision with a normal motor vehicle can be catastrophic for the cyclist, oftentimes resulting in broken bones, broken ribs, head and brain trauma, and more. 

Manufacturer Error 

If your motorcycle accident results from a manufacturing error or design defect, you can file a product liability claim. Manufacturer errors can result not only in your injury but possibly in the people around you as well. They owe you a standard of care, and there is an expectation that your motorcycle will operate and function properly. 


Even if you are not actively driving on the road, you still must follow and obey all traffic laws. Pedestrians or bicyclists who do not adhere to the rules exhibit reckless behavior, which can easily lead to an accident. Pedestrians who walk anywhere but the sidewalk and bicyclists who do not utilize the bike lane knowingly and negligently break traffic laws, leaving all drivers of motor vehicles and motorcycles at risk of a crash. 

Construction Hazards

There are times when construction companies, working on or near roads, create dangerous and unsafe conditions for motorcycle drivers.  Even worse, construction companies may not provide any warnings about the actual or possible hazards for motorists, especially motorcyclists. Some of these hazards can be:  loose gravel, pools of water, dangerously large potholes, unmarked cracks or bumps in the road, spilling slippery materials from crash barriers onto the road, unmarked and unsafely parked construction equipment, improperly placed traffic control devices such as cones and barriers, failure to mitigate dust and other elements that could impair visibility, and unsafe operation of construction equipment.    

Eligible Damages for a Motorcycle Accident in Sedona

Once your Sedona motorcycle accident attorney has proven liability, you are owed damages for your motorcycle accident. Arizona does not currently have a cap on damages you can receive and is one of the few states to expressly prohibit placing caps on personal injury damages. Currently, the state has broken up eligible compensation into three categories:

  • Economic damages: This refers to monetary losses, such as hospital and medical bills, prescription costs, lost wages due to inability to work, rehabilitation costs, and physical therapy. 
  • Noneconomic damages: Noneconomic damages are harder to put a physical price tag on and include loss of quality of life, anxiety, depression, and other forms of emotional distress. 
  • Punitive damages: Punitive damages are not commonly rewarded and are reserved in cases where it can be proven the defendant acted in a willful or wanton manner during the cause of the accident. 

Arizona is a “pure comparative negligence” state, meaning you are eligible for damages even if you are found to be partially at fault. Negligence will be based on a percentage scale, and as long as you are found not to be 100% liable for the accident, you can receive compensation. Your compensation will be adjusted based on the percentage given. 

Consult With a Dedicated Sedona Motorcycle Accident Attorney Today

Feller & Wendt is here so that you do not have to navigate this alone. We know deeply the toll a serious motorcycle accident can have on your mental and physical health, and we will use our years of experience and successes to get you all possible compensation available. Sometimes money is the only way to get yourself the care you need to access a healthy and full life. 

Our team of Sedona motorcycle accident lawyers utilizes a people-first approach to personal injury cases, meaning we are there from the beginning. All initial consultations are free, from which we will advise on your best legal course of action to take. We help with filing the claim, gathering evidence, and even taking your case to court if necessary. Don’t wait any longer to begin your journey to justice. Call our Sedona motorcycle accident lawyers at (480) 702-2277 or fill out our contact form today.

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