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Phoenix Boating Accident Lawyer

Boating is a great way to cool off during the blazing Phoenix summers and enjoy the scenic views out on the water. However, like any other form of transportation, there are serious risks of accidents and accident-related injuries if someone is negligent. Boating accidents often occur due to inexperience, operating a boat under the influence, distracted boating, and other causes. If you suffered injuries due to someone else’s negligence, speak with a Phoenix boating accident lawyer to understand your legal options. 

Proving negligence in a boating accident can be challenging without the help of a skilled boating accident lawyer. At Feller & Wendt, we understand that boating accidents can result in significant physical, financial, and emotional losses. We can fight to recover the maximum compensation you deserve and hold the negligent party accountable for negligence. 

Types of Boating Accidents 

Boating accidents can occur for various reasons, often resulting in serious injuries. Some common types of boating accidents include the following: 

Boating Vessel Collisions 

When one vessel collides with another, it can cause severe injuries to passengers and operators. Collisions are the leading type of accident, with over 1,300 in 2020 alone. This type of accident can occur due to operator error, mechanical failure, or poor weather conditions. 

Drowning Injuries and Fatalities 

Boat passengers or operators may fall overboard and suffer injuries from submerged objects, or other vessels may strike a swimmer rendering them unconscious. It’s essential to keep floatation devices onboard all Phoenix watercraft to prevent drowning fatalities. 

Grounding Accidents 

Grounding accidents happen when a boat runs into a sandbar, reef, or another underwater obstacle that causes damage to the boat and potential injuries to a passenger or operator if they are thrown from the vessel. Boats can also collide with fixed objects like piers, docks, and buoys.

Operation Under the Influence Accidents 

Operating a boat under the influence is illegal in Phoenix. It can have serious legal penalties, in addition to civil liability, if a boat operator injures passengers in an alcohol-related boat accident.

Who May Be Liable for a Boating Accident in Arizona

One or more parties may be liable for a boating accident, depending on the circumstances surrounding the incident, including the following: 

Boat Operator

The boat’s operator may be held liable for a boating accident if they acted negligently or recklessly. For instance, if they were intoxicated, speeding, or distracted, they may be responsible for accident-related damages. 

Boat Owner

The boat’s owner may also be held liable for a boating accident if they were aware of any defects or maintenance issues with the vessel that contributed to an accident. Additionally, if the owner loaned the boat to someone they knew was inexperienced or reckless, they may be liable for any accidents that occurred while the person was operating the boat. 


If the boat or any boating parts or components were defective and caused a boating accident, the manufacturer may be liable for injuries and damages. For instance, if a faulty fuel line caused a fire or explosion, the manufacturer may be held responsible. 

Other parties

Depending on the circumstances of the accident, other parties may also be held liable for contributing to the boating accident, including a marina or boat rental company, another vessel operator, a dock owner, or passengers. 

Determining liability for a boating accident can be complex and may require an investigation to determine the cause of the accident. It’s essential to consult an experienced Phoenix boating accident lawyer to help you understand your legal rights and options. 

Damages You May Recover in a Successful Boating Accident Claim 

By seeking a boating accident claim, you can hold one or more responsible parties accountable for negligence. Depending on the severity of your injuries and the type of accident you suffered, you may be eligible to recover the following economic and noneconomic damages in a boating accident claim: 

  • Medical expenses for present and future losses 
  • Lost wages and loss of earning capacity
  • Property damages 
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of enjoyment
  • Disability or impairment 
  • Scarring or disfigurement 
  • Punitive damages 

At Feller & Wendt, we will conduct an extensive investigation into the incident and evaluate your present and future damages to fight for the complete compensation you deserve. With an experienced Phoenix boating accident lawyer on your side, you may determine all liable parties who contributed to the accident and demonstrate how negligence caused you to suffer injuries. 

Contact the Highly Experienced Phoenix Boating Accident Lawyers at Feller & Wendt

If you have suffered injuries in a boating accident caused by someone else’s negligence, partnering with the experienced Phoenix boating accident attorneys at Feller & Wendt can enable you to focus on recovery while we fight for the compensation you deserve for present and future losses. 

We have helped countless victims secure monetary compensation for someone else’s negligence and are prepared to fight for you. Schedule a complimentary consultation by calling (480) 702-2277 or filling out our contact form.

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