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Ogden Wrongful Death Lawyer

Ogden Wrongful Death LawyerThe untimely loss of a loved one can leave families devastated, both emotionally and financially. For many, the toll of losing a family member, spouse, or friend compounded with medical bills, funeral costs, and other expenses can be challenging to manage. This situation is made even more difficult when another individual is responsible for the wrongful death of a loved one.

In the state of Utah, families of victims who have suffered wrongful death are eligible to claim financial compensation to recover their financial losses and help alleviate emotional suffering. Cases of this nature are often complicated and require the help of an experienced wrongful death attorney who has been trained in the Utah legal system. 

The attorneys at Feller & Wendt have worked with the Ogden community to represent a variety of civil claims for over 25 years. Our team of qualified legal professionals will work with you on your behalf to ensure that you and your family are fairly compensated for the incalculable loss that you have suffered due to wrongful death. Schedule a free legal consultation via our contact form or call (801) 499-5060 for a consultation with our legal team.

What Qualifies as Wrongful Death in Utah?

If you are unsure of whether or not your loved one has suffered a wrongful death, it is vital to first understand how the state defines it before moving forward with the case. According to Utah Code section 78B-3-106, wrongful death is any fatality that has resulted from the “wrongful act, neglect, or default” of the party at fault. The code also states that the fatal action must align with an injury that can be supported in a personal injury claim.

Pursuing a civil suit in Ogden for monetary damages because of your loved one’s wrongful death can be complex and involve a great deal of time-consuming work. When you retain the assistance of an experienced attorney, you can rest assured knowing that you will be able to recover the necessary damages after your loved one’s wrongful death case.

What Damages Can Be Recovered in a Wrongful Death Case?

For many families in Utah, bills and expenses are one of the most difficult aspects of a wrongful death suit. Individuals that have lost their lives after a wrongful death accident may have been the sole provider of financial support for their families. Hundreds of cases like this exist in Utah, which is why the attorneys at Feller & Wendt will always fight for their clients to receive the highest amount of compensatory damages possible. In most cases, these damages include:

  • Funerary, burial, and memorial costs
  • Medical expenses and bills from the victim’s final injury
  • Pain and suffering experienced by the victim before their death, and their loved ones
  • Lost income from any time that the victim spent out of work after the fatal injury and before their death
  • Loss of consortium
  • Lost earnings from insurance policies or retirement funds
  • Punitive damages if a defendant’s action is considered negligent or intentionally harmful

It can be difficult to focus on the process of healing and grieving after the untimely death of someone you love if legal matters are weighing on you and your family. Relying on the help of trial-tested attorneys with experience in wrongful death cases can provide you, and those you care for, with peace of mind.

How Can an Attorney Help with a Case of Wrongful Death?

One of the best ways that an individual can ensure that they receive the financial compensation that they deserve is to pursue their wrongful death case with an experienced attorney. The benefits of retaining an attorney’s services correspond with how dedicated their approach is to your case, which is why the team at Feller & Wendt has been able to successfully represent hundreds of clients in Ogden and nearby cities in Utah. Our attorneys can help with your wrongful death case by: 

  • Gathering evidence to prove the death was preventable or resulted from negligence
  • Investigating the actions of the defendant that led up to the fatal accident
  • Completing necessary paperwork and forms
  • Managing and calculating expenses

According to Utah state law, surviving family members have two years to file a wrongful death claim after the victim’s date of death. If you are considering pursuing a case after a preventable accident that resulted in the untimely loss of a loved one, you should contact an experienced wrongful death attorney as soon as you are able.  

Retain a Trial-Tested Attorney for Your Wrongful Death Case

When your wrongful death case in Ogden requires strong legal representation, you need the attorneys at Feller & Wendt. Our firm of legal professionals will work with you to obtain the necessary compensation that you and your family deserve. We understand how tragic it is to lose a loved one because of wrongful death, and we have the expertise to manage your legal matters while you and your loved ones recover and grieve together. 

To schedule a free case evaluation at one of our convenient locations near Ogden, call us at (801) 499-5060 or reach out to us online for more information on how the wrongful death attorneys at Feller & Wendt can help you.

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