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Ogden Bicycle Accident Attorney

Feller & Wendt, LLC can assist you with a local personal injury or wrongful death claim after a bicycling accident. We’ll work hard to secure you and your family the best possible results for your case. At Feller & Wendt, LLC, our family protects yours. Bicyclists in Ogden have their work cut out for them. With congested traffic, tourists visiting ski resorts, and public buses stopping and starting, the streets can be dangerous places for bicyclists and other vulnerable road users. If a driver struck you while you were on your bicycle in Utah, you need help from an Odgen bicycle accident attorney.

Utah Bicycle Laws

In 2016, motor vehicles hit 655 bicyclists in reported crashes. Almost all (613) these bicyclists suffered injuries in the collisions, with five bicyclists passing away from their injuries. Almost two-thirds (61%) of injured bicyclists were under the age of 35. The most common reason for bicycle collisions in Utah is drivers failing to yield the right-of-way (42%). Vehicles turning right and vehicles traveling straight ahead each accounted for 36% of motor vehicle actions prior to accidents, respectively.

The journey toward securing compensation as a bike accident victim in Ogden starts with understanding local bicycle laws. Throughout Utah, the law considers bicycles as “vehicles.” This gives bicyclists the same rights and responsibilities as other motor vehicle operators in the state. Bicyclists must, therefore, follow all applicable traffic laws, including obeying traffic signals, stopping at red lights and stop signs, and yielding right-of-way when applicable. At the same time, other motorists must treat bicycles with the same respect as other vehicles.

In Utah, there is currently no law regarding the use of helmets for bicyclists. This means that, in general, a defendant (the party allegedly responsible for your accident) cannot use your lack of helmet wearing as a defense. Since the law doesn’t require you to wear a helmet, the defendant could be liable for all your damages, including injuries to the head and/or brain, even if you weren’t wearing one at the time of your accident. Our Ogden personal injury attorneys can help you understand all your rights as a bicyclist in Utah.

Why Contact an Ogden Bicycle Accident Lawyer?

Bicycle accidents can easily result in serious to catastrophic injuries for victims. You or a relative might have sustained injuries such as bone fractures, brain injuries, concussions, spine injuries, lacerations, bruises, or road rash. The costs of a bicycle accident in terms of property damage, medical bills, and lost wages can be significant – not to mention the personal toll that mental and emotional anguish can take on an injured bicyclist. At Feller & Wendt, LLC we don’t believe bicyclists should simply accept these losses. Instead, we help them go up against negligent drivers in pursuit of damage recovery.

When you retain an Ogden bicycle accident attorney at our firm to represent you during a bicycle accident claim, you benefit from skilled negotiators. Our lawyers can help make sure that your insurance company doesn’t take advantage of you or offer an inadequate settlement. We can also take your case to court if necessary to fight for just compensation. Our firm adds a personal touch to every claim we take on, giving our individual cell phone numbers to clients. If you believe you have the right to file a bike accident claim in Ogden, get in touch with us today.

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