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Ogden Boating Accident Lawyer

Ogden Boating Accident LawyerSpending your time on the water with friends and family is a perfect way to enjoy your free time. In Ogden, Utah, boating is a common outdoor activity that many families use to participate in water sports and other exercises. However, there are dangers that come with boating that sometimes result in a boating accident. These are frightening events that can cause severe injuries and damage. 

If you’re in a boating accident because of a person’s negligence or recklessness, you may be entitled to compensation for medical treatment, lost wages, and other financial losses. At Feller & Wendt, we understand that the aftermath of a boating accident is frightening, and we want to help you every step of the way. For assistance with the legal process and to receive fair and just compensation, contact our Ogden office.  

What Should I Do after a Boating Accident in Ogden, Utah?

According to the 2020 Recreational Boating Statistics, Utah is one of the most accident-prone boating states in the nation. With many individuals suffering severe injuries and even death, taking caution and understanding safety measures is crucial for the safety of everyone on the boat. There are a few important measures to note if you happen to find yourself in a boating accident:

Prioritize Your Safety

Before you save your belongings or call for help, make sure you and any other passengers are unharmed or are taking safety precautions. Once you are able to see that everyone is safe and attended to, call for help and let them know if you will need immediate medical attention. These steps can help save you or someone else’s life. 

Document the Accident

After everyone is safe and you are waiting for help, document the accident with photos or videos if you are able. A waterproof camera or anything that can give law enforcement and attorney’s an indication of what happened is vital for your settlement. Documentation is especially important if another party is responsible for the accident. 

Contact a Boating Accident Attorney

There are many burdens on your plate and trying to figure out the legal system should not be one of them. A boating accident attorney will help guide you through the processes and gather evidence that you may not find necessary. With over 70 years of combined experience navigating and negotiating settlements, a boating accident attorney is vital to your settlement. 

Before spending the day on a boat, make sure that the necessary safety equipment is on deck just in case you are stuck in a situation where you need it. Having a plan of action and being aware of the dangers that could occur are preventative measures that could save you and others from sustaining severe injuries. 

Should I Contact an Ogden, Utah Boating Accident Lawyer?

While a car accident is on land and has many liability indicators, boating accidents can be a lot more complicated and require thorough investigations to establish liability. Many boating accidents require an understanding of local and national maritime laws. An experienced boating accident lawyer will be there every step of the way and work to navigate you through the legal process. Some other great ways an experienced Ogden boating accident lawyer can help are: 

  • Answering your questions about the legal process
  • Conducting a fair and in-depth investigation
  • Analyzing potential legal issues
  • Discussing claims with insurance companies
  • Reviewing settlement offers and legal documents
  • Establishing the other individual’s liability and negligence

A boating accident lawyer can provide you with information for your case and represent you during legal matters. Finding a compassionate lawyer that communicates with you and works in your favor is an essential part of the legal settlement process. 

Seek Help from a Passionate Boating Accident Lawyer in Ogden, Utah

After a boating accident, it is crucial to develop a support system that will stay by your side through medical recovery and legal proceedings. Our team of experienced boating accident lawyers at Feller & Wendt are proud to advocate for your rights and provide reliable communication during the claim process. We understand maritime law and know how to defend against, and use, maritime laws to increase the viability of your claims.  We prioritize offering legal representation that you can rely on and want the best outcome for your case. 

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