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Phoenix and Tucson Ranked Among Cities with Poorest Driving Records in the US

A collision near Interstate 10 significantly disrupted traffic in Phoenix, Arizona’s southern Valley earlier this morning, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation.

Indeed, inhabitants of the Phoenix area may need to heed additional caution on the roads; Phoenix has recently been ranked the eighth city with the worst drivers out of the top 50 most populated cities in the United States, as per a report published by Forbes Advisor.

The study from Forbes Advisor, which utilized data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), took into account five critical metrics related to traffic safety. The findings placed Tucson even higher, at number four, indicating a pressing concern for Arizona’s motorists regarding traffic safety.

Specifically, Phoenix is noted as having the 10th highest rate of fatal car accidents involving speeding, and comes in at 11th for the overall number of fatal car accidents as well as fatalities resulting from these accidents. Tucson’s roadway safety statistics are indeed sobering, with the city standing fourth in both the total number of fatal car accidents and the tally of fatalities from those wrecks. Moreover, Tucson has been recorded as having the sixth highest rate of fatal accidents where speeding played a pivotal role.

Leading this unenviable list is Albuquerque, New Mexico


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