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Catastrophic Injury Lawyer in Mesa

Catastrophic accidents such as a brain trauma, spinal injuries, 3rd-degree burns, amputation of a limb, or multiple fractures are physically and emotionally traumatizing. Enormous medical bills, loss of wages, and the inability to work can leave you and your family financially devastated. Depending on the nature and extent of your injuries, you may require multiple surgeries, physical therapy, or rehabilitation. In some cases, victims can be left paralyzed, mentally impaired, blind, or permanently disabled. The cost of future treatment and care can be overwhelming.

While insurance should take care of your needs, insurance companies often try to deny or reduce compensation claims. You will need a lawyer you can count on to help you fight back and prove the extent of your catastrophic injuries. The Arizona personal injury attorneys at Feller & Wendt can fight for your rights in a catastrophic injury case, prove the guilt of the negligent party, and help you get the compensation you deserve.

Causes of Catastrophic Accidents in Mesa, Arizona

Catastrophic accidents are those that cause someone severe disability or significant disfigurement. Individuals who suffer such accidents often face a lifetime of pain, long-term mobility and disability issues, and significantly diminished quality of life.

There are countless possible causes of catastrophic injury, including:

  • Assault
  • Motor Vehicle accidents
  • Workplace accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Falls from height
  • Sport and recreational accidents
  • Construction accidents
  • Medical mistakes
  • Defective medical devices, drugs, or products
  • Dangerous premises accidents

There are countless circumstances in which someone may become seriously injured and require significant rehabilitation. The cost of future care and treatment can be staggering. You have rights, and our personal injury lawyers will work aggressively to prove the guilt of the negligent party. We will negotiate the maximum compensation available for your claim.

Injuries You May Sustain After a Catastrophic accident

Catastrophic injuries are injuries that severely and sometimes permanently affect a victim’s bodily functions and health. Returning to work can often be out of the question for survivors. Most catastrophic injuries will fall into one of three different categories:

  • Serious injuries to the head, neck, or back: spinal cord injuries, paralysis (paraplegia, hemiplegia, quadriplegia), traumatic brain injuries (TBI), skull fractures, or whiplash
  • External injuries: deep wounds, burn injuries, amputations, road rash, or scars
  • Internal injuries: internal bleeding, organ damage, broken bones, nerve damage, loss of eyesight, or hearing loss

Regardless of the injuries involved, catastrophic injury victims are frequently left fighting for their lives. A lifetime of ongoing medical and rehabilitative care may be required, creating a significant hardship for survivors and their families. To protect their future and secure full and fair compensation for their injuries, victims should consult with the catastrophic injury attorneys at Feller & Wendt.

What Kinds of Compensation Might I Be Able to Recover for a Catastrophic Injury Claim in Mesa, Arizona?

When you are injured in a catastrophic accident that renders you partially or permanently disfigured or disabled, you deserve compensation for your injuries. Under Arizona law, you have a right to file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent parties that caused these catastrophic injuries. In general, a personal injury lawsuit involves compensation for four different types of damages:

Medical Expenses

Reimbursement for your medical bills, includes all payments you make related to the accident such as hospital stays, pain medication, and physical therapy. If your personal injuries create the need for ongoing medical care, you can request compensation to assist with your future medical bills as well as for any modifications that are necessary to your home or vehicle after the accident.

Lost Income

This type of compensation includes payment for time you were unable to work while recuperating, as well as any future loss of wages. For example, a surgeon who suffers accident-related nerve damage in his hands would likely be unable to continue operating. If he was forced to find other lower paying work, he’d be able to sue for the loss of his future income. 

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering is a general term that refers to the physical and emotional trauma an injured person experiences during the accident and the recovery process.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are relatively rare in cases involving auto accidents. These damages are awarded when the driver’s conduct was particularly irresponsible. For example, someone who was driving drunk might be asked to pay punitive damages to deter further bad behavior.

The settlement for damages in catastrophic injury cases is designed to make you whole again and help you be financially stable after the accident that caused your injuries. Our Mesa, AZ legal team makes sure our clients get the compensation they deserve to ease the pain and worry caused by a catastrophic accident.

How to Prove Negligence after a Mesa Catastrophic Injury

A catastrophic injury case requires extensive proof that you suffered a severe injury or disability. The court will look for evidence that the injury affects your quality of life. Documentation, witnesses, and expert testimony should be obtained to show that the injury was caused by the defendant’s negligence. Most injury claims arise because one or more parties acted negligently. Negligence is behavior that:

  1. Falls below the standard of care expected of a reasonable person, and
  2. causes harm to another person.

The legal elements of negligence that must be proven to hold a party liable for personal injury damages are:

  • Duty: A legal duty owed by the defendant to the plaintiff must exist. For example, all automobile drivers owe a duty of care to other motorists on the road.
  • Breach: The plaintiff must prove the defendant breached a legal duty. For example, a breach would occur if, while driving, a motorist looked down at their phone to compose a text message.
  • Causation: The defendant’s negligence must be the cause of the plaintiff’s harm or injuries. This element is usually obvious in most injury cases. For example, if the defendant’s car rear-ends the plaintiff’s car, causation can’t really be in question.
  • Damages: The plaintiff must incur actual monetary damages due to the incident. Damages consist of economic calculable items, such as medical bills, lost income,  or lost earning capacity, and property damage. However, damages also include non-economic items like “pain and suffering,” loss of companionship, or loss of consortium.

Not every personal injury lawyer is equipped to handle the extensive process demanded by catastrophic injury cases. Others do not have the necessary experience to understand the extent of the injuries, how costly they are to treat, or how long recovery could take.

Due to the complexities of catastrophic injury cases, it is essential that accident victims trust their case to experienced Mesa, Arizona personal injury lawyers who know how to fight for a victim’s rights and get them the full amount of compensation they deserve.

Why You Can Trust Our Mesa, AZ Personal Injury Lawyers

When you or a loved one have suffered a serious injury such as brain trauma, severe burns, amputation, or multiple fractures, you need an experienced Arizona catastrophic injury attorney on your side. Feller & Wendt has over 30 years of combined experience providing strong legal representation to clients in Arizona. 

When you suffer a catastrophic injury, you need a lawyer that you can count on to win your case. The attorneys at Feller & Wendt can help. We are experienced in dealing with the complexities of catastrophic injury cases, and we know how to fight against companies that are unwilling to pay for your injury claim.

Our law firm has been successful in 95% of our cases. We will help you navigate all aspects of your claim from initial consultation to settlement verdict, always keeping you updated on the status of your case. As part of our contingency fee arrangement, we will not charge any legal fees unless we recover money for you. Our fee is paid if and only if we recover money for you. 

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