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Mesa Brain Injury Lawyer

While your skull does a lot of work to keep your brain safe, you can still suffer a traumatic brain injury at any point in your life. Slip-and-fall accidents, car accidents, and unsafe work conditions can all result in brain injuries that permanently disrupt your life.  These injuries are unpredictable in nature. One person’s brain injury may result in difficulty speaking for a few months, while another may cause long-term memory loss.

Should you or a loved one endure a brain injury, know that Arizona gives you the legal means to respond. You can work with a Mesa brain injury lawyer to identify the party you believe to be liable for your losses and issue them a legal complaint. Below, we’ve broken down the steps you can take to fight for post-accident medical and emotional compensation.

What Rights Do Arizona Residents Have after a Brain Injury?

Arizona considers any brain injury endured after birth to be a traumatic brain injury. With that in mind, individuals who have suffered from any of the following accidents have the right to pursue compensation for their losses within the state’s statute of limitations:

  • Slip-and-fall accidents
  • Assault and battery
  • Car accidents
  • Sport injuries
  • Workplace injuries

Note that some of these incidents may merit overlap in a person’s legal complaint. Workplace injuries, for example, may merit a worker’s compensation claim in addition to a personal injury claim. Interested parties can connect with a Mesa brain injury attorney to determine what specific case they have on their hands and how best to address it.

Who Can File a Brain Injury Claim?

If it seems as though the victim who suffered a brain injury no longer possesses the means to file a brain injury claim, there are some other parties legally allowed to do so on the victim’s behalf. A person’s spouse, children, guardian, or personal executor may pursue a claim on their behalf.

What Information Do Injured Parties Need to File a Brain Injury Complaint?

When building a legal complaint, interested parties need to outline the medical and legal information relevant to their losses. This can include a statement from a medical professional detailing the extent of the brain injury in question. Interested parties should also identify the party they want to hold liable for their injury as well as the ways they believe negligence may have contributed to their losses.

All traumatic brain injury complaints need to reach Arizona courts by the state’s statute of limitations. This statute, Arizona Revised Statute 12-542, gives injured parties two years from the day the injury is discovered to bring a lawsuit together.

What Compensation Can a Person Earn after a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Injured individuals can also use their complaints to detail their desired compensation. This number can include economic losses (i.e., medical bills, property damage, and lost income) as well as non-economic damages. An attorney can help injured parties determine the extent and dollar value of the aforementioned non-economic damages, considering their fluidity and Arizona’s history of application of such damages in similar personal injury cases.

Contact a Mesa Brain Injury Attorney at Feller & Wendt to Discuss Your Case

Life after a traumatic brain injury takes time to adjust. Any party impacted by an accident may have to develop new coping mechanisms to complete everyday tasks. The team at Feller & Wendt wants to help you focus on your new life without worrying about the future. That’s why we offer contingency-based services meant to help you fight for compensation.

You or a loved one can work with our team to file a complaint after a traumatic brain injury. As the legal process advances, Feller & Wendt can represent your family’s best interests, requesting compensation not only for your medical expenses but for all the losses you have endured. You can call (480) 702-2277 or complete our contact form for a free consultation.

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