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Free Consultation: 801.499.5060

Meridian Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motor vehicle drivers often do not give motorcyclists the respect they deserve in Idaho. Stigmas against motorcyclists can contribute to dangerous and reckless driving behaviors such as cutting motorcyclists off, making unsafe lane changes and pulling out in front of them. In 2017, 26 motorcyclists died and 139 suffered serious injuries in auto accidents in Idaho. If you or a relative is the victim of a motorcycle accident in Meridian, request a free consultation with a Meridian motorcycle accident lawyer from Feller & Wendt, LLC 24/7 at (208) 391-5945. A driver or another party may owe you compensation.

Why Choose Us for Your Motorcycle Accident Case?

  • We are attorneys who listen. When you contact our firm, we will connect you to an attorney, not an assistant. We always listen attentively to clients’ stories, concerns and goals before crafting personalized legal strategies.
  • We are a top-rated injury law firm. Our client testimonials and case results showcase our ability to help clients through some of the most difficult times of their lives. You can trust us to conquer even the most complex and difficult cases.
  • We take motorcycle accident claims on a contingency fee basis. Our attorneys do not charge anything upfront to represent you. Under our payment arrangement, you will only pay us if we secure you a financial award.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

The injuries victims sustain in motorcycle accidents differ from typical car accident injuries. With no metal shell or seat belts protecting them, motorcyclists face extreme injury risks in traffic accidents. At Feller & Wendt, LLC, we stand with motorcyclists. We recognize how devastating a motorcycle crash can be for the rider, as well as the most common injuries.

  • Fractured or crushed bones
  • Muscle and soft-tissue injuries
  • Road rash, abrasions and traumatic tattooing
  • Head and traumatic brain injuries
  • Back and spine injuries
  • Organ rupture and internal bleeding
  • Wrongful death

Motorcycle injuries can be catastrophic. If you have a life-changing injury or have to take care of a loved one who now has a disability, your family could be eligible for compensation. An at-fault driver or another party may owe you money for the losses you have because of the accident. Our Meridian personal injury attorneys have experience helping clients get past a wide range of serious injuries.

Damages for Motorcycle Accident Claims

At Feller & Wendt, LLC, we can investigate your Meridian motorcycle accident for signs of fault or liability, such as food wrappers in the driver’s passenger seat or cellphone records proving driver distraction. We know where to search for evidence of fault for auto accidents, including eyewitness statements, police reports, crash photographs and expert opinions. We can find out whether a vehicle driver, motorcycle manufacturer, property owner, the City of Meridian or another party should be liable for your damages. Then, we can work with you to bring a claim.

You have two years from the date of your motorcycle accident to file a claim in Idaho. If you bring your claim by this deadline, you could receive fair compensation for all your injuries in the form of a jury verdict or judgment award. Compensation for motorcycle accidents can cover the costs of losses such as vehicle repairs or replacement, personal injuries, lost wages, medical bills, legal costs, and pain and suffering. The judge may also award you punitive damages for a defendant’s gross or reckless actions.

Contact a Meridian Motorcycle Accident Attorney

After a motorcycle accident, you may feel no one is on your side – not the police, investigators, insurance companies or judges. When you partner with Feller & Wendt, LLC, however, you will have a different experience. Our Meridian accident lawyers will stand by you each step of the way during the claims process, constantly protecting your rights and pursuing justice. Please contact us to learn more about your particular accident in Meridian, Idaho. Call (208) 391-5945 or contact us online today.

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