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Free Consultation: 801.499.5060

Meridian Car Accident Lawyer

If you were recently in a car accident in Idaho, the Meridian personal injury lawyers at Feller & Wendt, LLC can help. We can guide you through the steps you will need to take next, including contacting the correct insurance company and documenting your injuries. Our Meridian car accident attorneys can walk you through every phase of the legal process, all at no charge unless we win you a compensation award. Schedule a free legal consultation via our contact form or call (801) 499-5060 for a consultation with our legal team.

Why Choose Our Meridian Car Accident Lawyers?

  • We have lawyers with years of experience handling all types of auto accidents.
  • We prioritize communication, giving every client our personal cellphone numbers.
  • We have years of personal injury case results showcasing our capabilities.
  • We are a top-rated personal injury law firm in Meridian, Idaho.
  • We accept auto accident claims on a contingency fee basis.

The Meridian Accident Lawyers at Feller Wendt

Selecting the right car accident lawyer to represent your auto accident case can be extremely important. The personal injury attorney looking out for your best interests should have previously handled motor vehicle accident cases similar to yours, as well as have trial experience in case your lawsuit needs to proceed to court. Clients choose our accident attorneys for more than 70 years of combined experience, a history of multimillion-dollar results, and one-on-one client care.

Do I Need a Car Accident Lawyer?

Although hiring a lawyer is not a legal requirement in Idaho during a car accident claim, doing so could greatly improve your odds of securing a settlement. In most personal injury cases, the act of hiring an attorney alone can convince an insurance company to settle a motor accident claim more fairly. Your lawyer can take over negotiations regarding an insurance policy with adjusters, while you and your family try to focus on moving forward. If negotiations are unsuccessful, we can take your auto accident claim to court.

Benefits of Hiring an Attorney

Using a lawyer to negotiate your motor vehicle accident case in Meridian could come with critical benefits for you and your family during this difficult time. Your Meridian car accident attorney can guide you through the claims process while safeguarding your rights from insurance claims adjusters. A lawyer from Feller & Wendt, LLC can help you in many ways.

  • Top-rated attorneys to support your claim
  • Aggressive case litigation
  • Car accident reconstruction
  • Hiring experts to testify on your case
  • Personalized legal counsel
  • Reliable answers to your questions
  • Accurate case evaluation
  • An efficient and effective claims process

We have the resources, personnel and experience to handle all types of auto accident claims, as well as all kinds of personal injuries. If you suffered a life-changing catastrophic personal injury or lost a loved one in an auto accident, we can help you fight for justice.

Is Idaho a No-Fault State?

States use either fault or no-fault insurance rules to handle car accident claims. Idaho is a fault state, meaning the driver at fault for the car accident will be financially responsible for damages. As a crash victim, you or your lawyer will need to identify the at-fault party before you can file a claim. Then, you will report your accident and demand compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance provider.

What Is the Car Accident Statute of Limitations?

In Idaho, you have two years from the date of your car accident to file a civil injury claim, with some exceptions. If you are bringing a property-damage only car accident claim, you will have three years from the date of your accident. Most cases have a discovery rule exception, in which the courts will toll (extend) the deadline until the date of injury discovery if this differs from the date of the accident.

What Could I Be Compensated For?

A successful car accident case against an at-fault party could result in financial compensation for the damages you suffered because of the crash. Your family could be eligible to receive an award to help you pay for unpaid medical bills and future health care expenses. Your award could also include amounts for your crash-related lost wages, lost future wages, emotional distress, post-traumatic stress disorder, vehicle repairs, rental car, travel expenses, legal fees and lost quality of life.

I Lost a Loved One in an Accident, What Are My Options?

Sadly, the state of Idaho sees thousands of fatal car accidents per year. If you tragically lost your loved one in an auto accident, we can help your family bring a wrongful death claim with the utmost respect and delicacy. Your family may be eligible for damages for your loved one’s pain and suffering and lost wages, as well as your family’s mental anguish, medical care, and funeral and burial costs. Discuss your specific options with an experienced Meridian car accident attorney today for free.

What Injuries Are Caused by Accidents?

The injuries you suffer in an auto accident could affect you for life. You or your loved one could face long-term disabilities because of an injury to the brain or spine. You could also suffer permanent scarring, disfigurement or loss of a bodily function.

  • Broken bones
  • Skull fractures
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Lacerations
  • Contusions
  • Face and eye injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Neck injuries and whiplash
  • Internal bleeding or organ damage

Even a minor car accident could take you out of work and cause substantial pain and suffering. No matter what type of injuries you or someone you love suffered, we can help. Contact us to discuss your unique case.

What to Do After a Car Accident in Meridian, ID?

It is normal to feel confused, scared or overwhelmed directly after a motor vehicle accident. Try to stay calm and remember you are not the first person to be going through this, nor will you be the last. Take certain steps to instantly protect your rights and improve your odds of securing a fair financial award later.

  1. Stay at the scene and find a safe place to wait.
  2. Call the police and report the collision.
  3. Do not admit you were at fault for the accident
  4. Get the other driver’s name and insurance information.
  5. Go to the hospital for emergency medical needs.
  6. Gather facts about your motor accident and repair costs.
  7. Keep copies of your medical bills and documents.
  8. Contact the right party’s insurance company as soon as possible.
  9. Do not accept the first settlement offer.
  10. Contact a Meridian car accident lawyer from Feller & Wendt, LLC for assistance.

Do not let the other driver, a police officer or an insurance claims adjuster intimidate you or make you feel like you have no options for recovery. Unlike these parties, a personal injury lawyer will work for you – no one else. Ask an attorney about your rights and the steps to take moving forward. You can trust what your lawyer says to be true in regard to your best interests.

Get an Honest Case Evaluation

Something you may quickly discover after a traffic accident is that an auto insurance company will not want to maximize your payout. On the contrary, insurance providers want to minimize clients’ settlements to save money. An auto accident attorney, on the other hand, will want you to obtain the highest possible settlement or verdict amount for you.

At Feller & Wendt, LLC, we do not get paid until you do. This and a passion for helping others motivates us to fight for top results. We will accurately evaluate your case based on the unique losses you and your family have suffered. Then, we can take steps toward winning a compensation award on your behalf.

Contact Our Car Accident Attorneys in Meridian, ID for a Free Consultation

Retaining a Meridian car accident lawyer can be the best way to protect your rights and maximize your financial outcome after a crash in the area. If you suffered physical pain, medical needs, catastrophic injuries or lost a family member in Meridian Idaho, hiring a lawyer may be the only way to make an insurance company respect the true value of your case. An experienced auto accident attorney in Meridian can take your case to court if an insurance company refuses to settle it fairly. Get legal counsel about your recent crash today from Feller & Wendt today. Request a free consultation.


I had a wonderful experience with Feller & Wendt and have recommended these great accident attorneys to friends and family. My personal attorney cared about me during the case and I knew he understood how important it was for me to get my bills paid after my accident. I would recommend Feller & Wendt to anyone.” – Carol

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