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How to Stay Safe While Cycling on Arizona Roads

Cycling is a common form of transportation for both recreational use and commuting. Bicycles are excellent for exercise, and they help reduce an individual’s carbon footprint. Although bicycles are a great form of transportation for many reasons, there are still risks associated with cycling. In 2019, there were a total of 1,275 bicycle accidents in Arizona. Like driving a car, riding a bike requires paying careful attention to the road and traffic laws to avoid potential dangers that may result in an accident.

Arizona Bicycle Laws That Keep Cyclists Safe

Cyclists share the road with motor vehicle drivers, motorcyclists, and pedestrians; therefore, cyclists must follow regulations to keep themselves and others safe. The following are bicycle safety laws to remember:

  • Always drive with the flow of traffic
  • Use proper arm signals before switching lanes, stopping, or turning
  • Ride to the right of the road, staying as close to the right as possible
  • Obey traffic control devices, such as signs and traffic lights
  • Do not ride a bike on the sidewalk
  • Stay a minimum of three feet from other motorists
  • After sunset or before sunrise, always use white headlights and red reflectors

Following these laws may help prevent a potential accident; however, it is still possible for even the most cautious cyclist to get into an accident. If you are involved in a bicycle accident, you should speak with an experienced bicycle accident attorney as soon as possible.

Safety Tips for Bicycle Riders

Bicycle riders need to be mindful of their safety and the safety of others. The following are safety tips that individual cyclists can pair with their obedience to the law to keep themselves safe:

  • Always wear visible clothes
  • Plan bike routes ahead of time
  • Avoid making the volume of headphones too loud
  • Wear a helmet
  • Assume other drivers cannot see you
  • Keep an eye out for obstacles, such as road hazards, other vehicles, or pedestrians

Having a personal incentive to ensure your safety and the safety of others is an excellent way to avoid an accident. By aiming to be a diligent cyclist, you are helping yourself and others.

Road Hazards to Watch Out for as a Cyclist 

It is vital to keep an eye on your surroundings when cycling. You are not only keeping an eye out for other motorists and pedestrians, but you are also looking for potential dangers from the road itself. Potential road hazards may include:

  • Potholes
  • Large cracks in the road
  • Sewage gates
  • Faded bike lanes
  • Gravel or rubble on the road
  • Poorly lit roads

If you are in an accident caused by a road hazard, contacting a bicycle accident attorney is in your best interests. The right bicycle accident attorney can make a tremendous difference in the outcome of your personal injury claim.

Contact a Bicycle Accident Attorney Today at Feller & Wendt, LLC

While riding a bike is healthy and fun, there are potential risks of a severe accident. A bicycle accident can cause serious injuries such as broken bones, spinal injuries, crushing injuries, and brain injuries. You may be entitled to compensation for those injuries. If you or a loved one are injured while riding a bike, speaking to an experienced attorney will help you understand your legal options.

At Feller & Wendt, LLC, we understand it is crucial for you to receive fair compensation after an accident. Our experienced team of lawyers can help protect your legal rights after you sustain injuries in a bicycle accident. Our firm may be able to help you recover physical, emotional, and medical damages. To schedule a free legal consultation with our dedicated attorneys, you may fill out this form or call (480) 702-2277.

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