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Free Consultation: 801.499.5060

How Long Is The Statute Of Limitations On Sexual Assault Premises Liability Claims?

Four years against the facility.

No limitations period against the perpetrator.

What Elements Are Needed To Have A Viable Premises Liability Sexual Assault Claim?

The 4 elements would be duty, breach, causation, and damages.

Why Is It Important To Hire An Experienced Attorney To Handle A Sexual Assault Premises Liability Case?

Albeit I’m a lawyer and it always sounds a little biased, without an attorney with experience in handling sexual assault premises liability type claims, you lose out on many, many years of experience. The problem with all of these cases is that the defense is pretty good at pointing the finger at the perpetrator himself or herself. Oftentimes, without an experienced attorney on your side, that argument is victorious. People are able to be persuaded that this guy, this criminal was the perpetrator, was the one who committed the molestations, and should be the only one punished.

An experienced lawyer moves the target, or shifts the focus on what really matters in these types of cases – who gave the perpetrator the time, space, and opportunity to do what he was able to do. Who allowed him to have one-on-one access to at-risk children when the safety rule is no one-on-one access with at-risk children? Who made the conscious decision not to have GPS tracking in vehicles allowing the perp to take at-risk children off campus, alone, and without supervision? Who permitted the perp to groom at-risk children; to tell sexual jokes to at-risk children; to have at-risk children alone with him in his office?

So without the experience, it’s pretty easy to lose sight of what matters, and what the targets need to be.

Additional Information On Sexual Assault Premises Liability Claims In Utah

We talked about treatment and the reason that treatment is so important and getting these victims, these survivors into the right facilities and the right treatment centers that deal with child abuse and sexual abuse.

Statistics establish that abused children at risk for overall poor health, have an increased risk of eating disorders, are more likely to be involved in intimate partner violence, substance abuse, low academic performance, have an increased risk of suicide, depression, have a high risk sexual behavior, etc. These are just a number of things that result from being sexually molested as a child. The most important thing that I can really stress is that the survivors of these molestations really need to get in to the right people to address all of the risks and outcomes that result from the molestation.

An attorney’s office such as Feller & Wendt can help guide the decision on who they should go and see. The only reason that attorneys are equipped to do that is because we deal with the top experts in these areas day-in and day-out.

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