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Free Consultation: 801.499.5060

How Long Do Auto Accident Claims Typically Take To Be Resolved?

The amount of time it takes to settle a case depends on treatment. So for clients that simply need physical therapy or chiropractic care, those cases take anywhere from three to six months from the time the accident happens until the time it’s settled. Other times the client can treat for years. We have clients that need injections or a nerve block every year. We have clients that are holding off needing to do surgery for a certain amount of time, or they just can’t figure out exactly what’s wrong with them. So the amount of time it takes completely varies on treatment. If treatment takes three months, then we can sometimes settle a month or two after that.

Some cases take a couple months; some take years, but it depends on how long it takes the client to treat. The reason for that is we would never want to try to bring a case to the table where we don’t know the full extent of our client’s damages. As a client treats, we get to know what the diagnosis codes are, what the treatment plan is and what the prognosis is; and if we don’t know all those things, we’re doing our client a disservice by trying to settle a case prematurely when we don’t know the full extent of the damages.

What Sets Your Firm Apart in Handling Auto Accident Claims?

Personal injury is all that our firm does. So we’re not a firm that has a general practice that includes all sorts of areas of law and personal injury is just one of them. When our firm was doing all the different areas of law, personal injury always went to the backburner because there’s a four-year statute of limitations. That doesn’t happen with our clients now. Personal injury is all we do, and so we know it well, and we are prepared to handle any kind of case quickly because of that.

We are also a niche firm in the way we have structured the size of our firm. We are a mid-sized firm with four Layton car accident attorneys and 12 staff; and because of that, we’re not so big that our clients are just a number to us. So some of the bigger firms may have huge marketing budgets and other things that they have to make sure they hit every month; and because of that, there’s a reputation that they may settle easier, or they may force settlement on clients because they need to make sure they’re funding this monster marketing budget. That’s not us. We know our clients individually, and we take their cases personally.

We’re also not a solo firm that gets buried under our cases. We can handle cases of any size, and we’ve specifically kept our firm that way. We’ve had the chance to expand our size, but we want to keep it to a smaller-sized firm so we can give the cases the attention they deserve. Our motto is “Our family protecting yours,” and we truly see it that way. The clients that we have and the employees we hire are all family to us, and we don’t want to get too big that we can’t continue that way.

Finally, and maybe to give a specific example of what sets us apart is the communication that we give. In the state of Utah the number one complaint against attorneys year after year has been lack of communication, and that is not the case at Feller & Wendt. To help ensure that is never a complaint against our firm, our clients get the cell phone number of the attorney in charge of their case.

We also set clear expectations when we first meet with clients on the amount of communication they want. Do they want more communication? Do they want less? Certainly, we make sure our clients are aware that they can call or text us any time of day with any question and we’ll handle it.

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