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How Is The Amount Of Damages Determined In A Wrongful Death Suit?

How Is The Amount Of Damages Determined In A Wrongful Death Suit?

Plaintiffs in a wrongful death suit are award past economic damages, future economic damages, and general damages.

Past economic damages are determined by what is found in the medical bills and potential lost wages. Future economic damages such as loss of earning potential and those types of things are determined by an economics expert. That individual will project what the present value of loss and anticipated earning, pensions or medical benefits would be and present them in a report. The most difficult aspect of the entire wrongful death process is determining how to quantify general damages. Clearly no amount of money would ever properly compensate a family that has tragically lost a loved one. Unfortunately in civil law these general damages are determined monetarily and as attorneys we look at historical evidence and data to determine what injuries have typically paid under particular circumstances and try to apply those to each case so that we have an idea of how those damages can be measured.

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