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How Can Dashcam Footage Help My Car Accident Claim in Utah?

In Utah, drivers may opt to use a dashcam in order to protect themselves in a car accident liability claim. A victim who has been injured in a car accident must prove negligence in order to recover compensation for their losses, and a dashcam may provide important objective video evidence. Utah drivers must abide by specific rules regulating the use of dashcams but can effectively prove fault in cases where the defendant denies liability.

With car accidents increasing every year, it is essential to have insight into how an accident truly occurs and who is at fault for damages in an accident. However, there are some drawbacks to using dashcams as well. Speaking with an experienced Utah car accident lawyer at Feller & Wendt can help you best determine how to use dashcam footage to strengthen your claim.

How to Legally Use Dashcams in Utah

A dashcam is a video recording device meant to record continuously on your dashboard. In Utah, dash cams must be mounted on the dashboard or windshield. Windshield-mounted dashcams must be positioned at the top four inches of the windshield or four inches or more past the corner of the screen on the side of the driver. Dashcams may also be set up on the rear window.

Dashcams can be sophisticated and deliver specific information with features such as GPS that can evaluate location, direction of travel, speed, longitude, and latitude. Other helpful features include recording vehicle registration numbers in cases of hit-and-run accidents.

How a Dashcam Can Help Your Utah Car Accident Claim

The use of a dashcam can be beneficial in many ways for drivers, but the most beneficial is the indisputable evidence that can be obtained through video when using the device. Working with a seasoned car accident lawyer can help you evaluate the footage and submit it properly as evidence in your accident claim. The following are ways the dashcam footage can benefit you:

  • Show the entirety of the incident, exactly how it happened
  • Show who is at fault or what contributed to the car accident
  • Recording drivers who may have fled the scene
  • Identifying key witnesses for later interview
  • Showing the severity of the accident so you can be adequately compensated

By using a dashcam, you can easily determine who is liable for damages. Not only do insurers accept dashcam footage when reviewing claims and establishing liability, but dashcam footage can also be used as critical evidence in court cases as well.

What Dashcams May Capture in Accident Footage

Dashcams are sophisticated recording devices that face the direction of travel. It may also be able to adequately capture any diversions from the side or behind the driver. In car accidents, dashcams record the following footage:

  • Negligent or aggressive driving behavior
  • Unsafe road conditions
  • Traffic lights and traffic signs
  • Important witnesses
  • License plate numbers
  • Make, model, and color of vehicles involved
  • Other drivers
  • Traveling speed
  • Seatbelt usage

Dashcams can be an asset to a car accident claim because it gives you objective evidence in order to prove negligence. Speak to an experienced Utah car accident lawyer for an assessment of your case and an opportunity to evaluate dash cam footage.

The Disadvantages of Dashcam Footage in a Utah Car Accident Claim

There are a few drawbacks to using a dashcam. In instances where an accident occurred on private property or restricted property, you may not be able to use the footage in a car accident claim.

It is also possible that the dashcam footage captures you contributing or causing an accident. This may hurt your case, especially in states where both parties’ liability affects the outcome of the claim. The evidence found on the dashcam can greatly reduce your settlement amount.

Speak to a Seasoned Utah Car Accident Lawyer at Feller & Wendt

If you have been terribly injured in a car accident due to someone else’s negligence, having dashcam footage may help you substantially in a car accident claim. Speak to a seasoned Utah car accident lawyer at Feller & Wendt for an assessment of your case and experienced legal guidance surrounding your dashcam footage.

The legal team at Feller & Wendt is proud to provide an unmatched level of service and award-winning representation to victims affected by negligent driving in Utah car accidents. We help you obtain the maximum compensation you are owed for the injuries and losses you have suffered. Call us for a complimentary consultation at (801) 499-5060 or fill out our contact form.

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