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When To Hire A Car Accident Lawyer In The Insurance Claim Process?

Today, you can find so many ads on television from Injury Attorneys, all of them telling you to hire them in case you have been involved in an auto accident and have sustained an injury. However, what they don’t tell you is that it isn’t always necessary for you to hire an attorney in just such a case. Read on to understand the exact circumstances in which hiring a McAllen TX Car Accident Lawyer might or might not be such a good idea.

You will only require an attorney in cases which are complicated, as most incidents are quite straightforward and can be handled by the victim themselves. You can determine this by the following factors:

  • In case the offender is unequivocally at fault and admits to his mistake as well
  • Medical expenses and injuries to the victim are not too severe
  • The case does not warrant an investigation due to mitigating circumstances

You will also require an attorney if there have been any complications during the incident itself, injuries that might have existed before the accident, problems with your insurance coverage as well as any problems with the Statute of Limitations (the certain period of time in which you are allowed to lodge a lawsuit against the opposing party).

It is important to remember all of these cases in order to determine whether to hire an attorney or not. Many people disregard these factors and choose to defend themselves to disastrous results.

There might be cases in which you might wish to take advice from a lawyer. These factors include:

  • Liability in the accident is contested by both parties involved
  • You do not have the required skill and knowledge to contest your own case
  • The insurance companies have requested you to submit your medical records from before the incident
  • Your insurance providers have offered you a payment but you do not deem it worthy of your claim
  • Your insurance company is offering to pay you in small installments, rather than pay you the full amount upfront
  • You do not believe that you can reach a satisfactory compromise on your final payment and require assistance from a more experienced person
  • Your claim included a cost for lost wages as well but it is hard to substantiate this statement

When to Hire an Attorney?

The following are situations in which hiring an attorney becomes absolutely essential:

  • You believe that the damages you are paid should be higher due to mitigating circumstances. An example could be of people who have to take care of their old or disabled relatives, or have children dependent on them
  • Your claim has been denied by your insurance provider, and they refuse to reconsider under any circumstances
  • Your insurance provider does not offer you enough payment in damages
  • Your injuries were very serious, including lifelong disabilities
  • Your injuries were not too serious, but left you with long term medical costs
  • The accident involved a minor who was injured as well
  • All parties involved in the accident can’t come to an agreement as to who is responsible
  • Your court case has gone on longer than a year and is not any closer to being resolved
  • The accident may require further investigation from law enforcement authorities
  • You have been sued by the opposing party

Contact a car accident attorney if you are facing any of these situations.

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