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What Damages Can Be Recovered From A Commercial Vehicle Accident Claim?

Many variables come into play when it comes to damages from a commercial vehicle accident. We have already mentioned a couple of them; do we have any liability issues involved? How hard are we going to have to fight on that? Do we have any comparative negligence? Those kinds of things can tremendously affect how much the case is going to be worth. The extent of the injuries, are they permanent injuries, are they temporary, but significantly painful, are there any residual kinds of damages that our clients are going to have to deal with, i.e. PTSD, emotional issues with concerns about continued driving. Many different factors come into play. It is difficult to generally talk about how valuable or what kind of compensation you may expect on your case, even more reason to meet with one of our attorneys here at Feller & Wendt.

It is something that we will initially look at, not only the pool of insurance or asset resources that might be available to go after, but also we are also looking as we continue to develop your case to maximize the value of your case. When you are dealing with commercial vehicles, specifically semi-trailer cases, they usually are far more valuable than your normal accident with passenger vehicles. That is because the damages are typically more catastrophic.

Why Is It Important To Retain An Experienced Attorney For Handling A Commercial Vehicle Accident Claim?

This is an extraordinarily complicated area of the law. Personal injury in and of itself, any part of personal injury is extraordinarily complicated these days. There is a whole set of separate rules in most states dealing with tort reform and specific rules related to personal injury litigation. That is the backdrop and the framework for any kind of settlement negotiations or settlement efforts, whether it is negotiations from an adjuster, mediation, or arbitration all the way up to a jury trial. We have that complexity that is part of the picture, and the backdrop to any negotiation. You need an attorney that is not just casually in and out of these kinds of cases. You need attorneys that work with personal injury cases every day. That is exactly what you get here at Feller & Wendt.

We only work on personal injury cases. We literally do not have any other kinds of cases that we handle. We do not do any criminal cases, domestic cases, and bankruptcy, any of those kinds of cases that would take us away from actively pursuing our personal injury client claims. The last point if I can make on this is that this is a unique area of law. We have structured it here at Feller & Wendt in that we have the same interest as you. Our contracts are done on a contingency basis. What that means is that we do not make any money until you make any money. We are not just going to sit on your case for four years, which is the statute of limitations here in Utah. That does not do us any good; we will fight for your case expeditiously.

I would probably go out of business if we took our time on every case. We want to actively pursue every case day by day, week by week. Conversely, we do not want to rush in and just settle your case for pennies on the dollar. The reason for that is we are in the same kind of situation. For every dollar, you make, I get a portion of that. I want to maximize the value. Therefore, it is a nice mix, and it aligns our interests perfectly with our clients. We have the exact same interest as our clients and this is actually my final point. Because our interests are aligned, it is one of the reasons that at Feller & Wendt, we have kept ourselves as a mid-sized firm instead of being a big firm. Like some of the other big names out here in Utah, we do not want these bloated advertisement bills. We do not have that here at Feller & Wendt.

We are right in the middle. We are not the solo practitioner with the mixed practice, we are not the big personal injury firm, if you will, that has a hundred attorneys; we are right in the middle. We are a firm that is here to help our local community, and make sure that our interests are aligned with yours in an attempt to maximize the value on their case.

Additional Information Regarding Commercial Vehicle Accident Claims In Utah

Time is of the essence. It is important that people understand there are so many things that happen early on in the case that if an attorney is not involved in advising the clients, it can be disastrous for a case. In Utah, in particular where we have a very religious blue-collar environment, people work hard, they do not want to sue their neighbors. People need to understand that with all that said, it is not your neighbor that you are suing even if you happen to know the trucker, and it is the insurance companies that you are battling against.

They will use any delays, any gaps in treatment that you may have. So if you do not immediately go to the hospital and then after two weeks, you just cannot make that appointment anymore, those gaps in treatment may be used against you. The sooner we can get involved in a case, and offer advice, the sooner we can add value to your case and get you a fair compensation.

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