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Common Road Hazards That Result In Motor Vehicle Accidents

One has to be extremely careful when driving on the road, as there may be various potential hazards that can lead to a crash. Although crashes can occur while driving a car, accidents on a motorcycle tend to be more severe in nature. It is also a lot more complicated to drive a motorbike, considering that even obstacles that may seem minor, can lead to disastrous results. These can include leaves, oil spills, ice, rail road crossings etc. In November, drivers are even presented with an increased risk of car accidents with deer as well. All of these have the potential to lethally injure the bike rider, which is why they have to be extra careful on their motorbikes. Feller & Wendt is here to help you understand the risks you face behind the wheel.

There are a lot of hazards on the road for a person driving a motorcycle. It is always best to be careful, and in case of a crash, it is also prudent to consult an attorney that can save you from any liability or help you get any damages or compensation that you deserve. Here we have compiled a list of all the potential dangers that might lead to motorbike crashes.

1.Gravel/debris on the road

You can always find all kinds of junk on the road these days that could include anything from gravel or big rocks, to random debris like pieces of tires, tree branches, garbage, tools, or anything that might lead to your tires losing traction, and slipping out from under you.

It is best to keep your eyes on the road and to look out for these things. When driving over such debris, keep your speed low and try not to shift your body weight around too much. Also avoid braking or accelerating too quickly as that might also lead to your tires slipping on the gravel or debris.

2.Railway Tracks or Bridge Joints

You can find countless roads that are intersected by railroad tracks and or bridges with joints after every few meters. These crossings might prove to be complicated for motorbike riders. Both can be bumpy and uneven, and can be treacherously slippery when wet. They can lead to a driver being thrown off their bike, or slipping sideways, both of which can lead to serious injuries.

In this situation, it is best to get across in a straight and even line, while maintaining a low speed and trying to avoid braking or accelerating too quickly. However, if you find yourself stuck between the tracks, then a little acceleration might be perfect to get you out, but you have to be careful before attempting this move.


You might have noticed from time to time a squirrel or cat trying to cross the road, and you have to avoid them in order to protect yourself and them from injury. Animals can be quite hazardous on the road, especially for motorbike riders. It is essential to always keep a look out for these creatures in case they dart in front of your motorbike.

4.Wet Surfaces

Wet surfaces are extremely hazardous for motorbike riders, as their bikes only have two tires, which do not provide the same grip as a car would. In cases of rain or oil spills on the road, it is best to avoid driving too fast, or braking too quickly, both of which can cause you to slip and hurt yourself quite bad.

The best way to avoid all kinds of accidents is to drive cautiously and wear protective gear when riding a bike.

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