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Chandler Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck Accident Attorney in Chandler

Accidents happen all the time, but because a truck is more prominent in size and weight, the damage and injuries sustained during an accident can be life-threatening and debilitating. When you or a loved one endure severe injuries that require hospitalization and expensive treatments, contact a truck accident attorney for assistance with recovering compensation for the damages you’ve incurred due to your injuries. 

Our team at Feller & Wendt has experience working with those in the Chandler, Arizona  area and we are proud to advocate for the rights and intentions of those within the community. We understand how frustrating and upsetting an accident can be and want to assist with guiding you through the legal process of filing your claim. Our main goal is to help you seek compensation for the damages you’ve incurred in the accident. 


4 Causes of Truck Accidents in Chandler, Arizona 

Every accident is unique and requires a thorough investigation. In Chandler, Arizona,  truck accidents can have a severe impact on the other driver’s life. Due to their large size, truck accidents are likely to cause severe injuries. If the truck driver is not paying attention or taking the necessary precautions when driving, they can cause even more damage than an average accident. Four types of negligent driving that can cause truck accidents are:

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of motor vehicle accidents and causes many fatalities each year. Whether the driver is texting or grabbing something from the back seat, they are distracted while driving if their attention is not entirely focused on the road. 


One of the many challenges as a truck driver is the long hours on the road. However, this is a part of the job description, and if they are struggling with exhaustion, they need to decide to take a break. If they cause a severe accident because they are falling asleep, they are responsible for the harm. 


When a driver is speeding, their reaction times and ability to react to an unexpected situation decreases. If a truck driver is speeding, their vehicle won’t have the necessary time to stop from rear-ending another car or causing an accident. Trucks are a lot heavier than other motor vehicles, and it takes a lot more time for them to slow down when they are at high speed. 

Hazardous Weather Conditions

While no one can control the weather, it’s every driver’s responsibility to have the proper equipment for dealing with concerning weather conditions. If a truck driver’s lights are faulty or their windshield wipers are not working properly, they can be held accountable for the damage they cause in an accident. 

On the road, drivers are often forced to face unexpected situations. When drivers follow the rules or prepare for rain and other normal driving conditions, they are less likely to get into accidents. Trucks need extra care because of how much driving the vehicles complete. If they aren’t in good operating condition, they can put people in severe danger. 

Do You Need a Truck Accident Lawyer after an Accident in Arizona? 

Filing a truck accident claim can be overwhelming. With the different terminology and complex processes, it’s difficult to remember all the necessary details and information. A truck accident attorney can assist with all the unknown proceedings and discussions, as well as: 

  • Answer questions related to your claim
  • Conduct a fair and just investigation
  • Gather substantial evidence
  • Analyze potential legal issues
  • Establish the other individual’s negligence and liability
  • Negotiate settlement offers
  • Review legal documents
  • Help guide you through the medical process
  • Discuss claims with insurance companies

Having someone by your side in an unfamiliar setting who is dependable and ready to advocate for your rights is essential in filing your truck accident claim. There are many steps in the filing process, and to make sure that you have the best possibility of recovering the compensation you deserve, contact an experienced and dependable truck accident lawyer. 

Why Should You Choose Feller & Wendt to Represent Your Claim?

With over 70 years of combined experience working with those in need of legal representation for their accidents, Feller & Wendt truck accident attorneys are motivated to assist you with all your legal needs during your case. We want to make sure you’re able to recover what you need for a smooth recovery. Some of the many qualities we possess are: 

  • Commitment to clients
  • Favorable testimonials
  • Positive past results
  • Dedicated trial attorneys
  • Free consultations (Zoom/phone/in person consultations available)
  • Experience in many practice areas
  • Open and honest communication

In a truck accident, you or a loved one may endure difficult and life-changing injuries that require extensive medical treatment and accommodations. From hospital bills to physical therapy, the expenses and financial losses that you may incur in an accident can start to increase. Our team understands how difficult these expenses are and are dedicated to offering legal assistance, so your case has the best possible outcome. 

Trust Feller & Wendt’s Experienced Truck Accident Attorneys Today

Our primary motivator at Feller & Wendt is our clients. We dedicate our practice to assisting those in the Chandler area with their legal needs. Our team has over 70 years of combined experience advocating for the rights and interests of our clients. With accessible communication and a strong sense of justice, our personal injury attorneys will work to provide you with the representation you can count on. 

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