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How Can A Nurse Be Subjected To A Medical Malpractice Claim?

The way a nurse can be subjected to a medical malpractice claim is the same as any other medical professional that commits an error while caring for a patient. A medical malpractice by a nurse happens when he or she does not perform their medical duties adequately which lead to a patient’s injury. Like with every other medical malpractice claim, negligence must be proven.

Nurses can harm a patient in many different ways, especially since they are the ones that have more physical contact with the patient on a day to day basis. Nurses must maintain a specific duty of care with every patient they attend to. Some patients require more attention than others because they might have a more serious condition. A nurse needs to know how to manage their time with the workload they have.

It could be stressful having so many patients to care for at once. A nurse can give the wrong medication to a patient or not notify the doctor of any problems that may arise. The lawyers in Tampa that focus on medical malpractice cases understand that a nurse may have a stressful job, but that doesn’t mean they are off the hook for mistakes that they commit towards patients.

Errors Behind Nursing Malpractice

When a nurse does not properly perform his or her duties, there could be serious repercussions. Below are some common mistakes that nurses can do that can make them liable for a medical malpractice:

Not letting the doctor know of changes in the patient’s condition: A nurse is the eyes and ears of a doctor. Doctors are not the ones who care for the patients during their stay in the hospital. A nurse is the one who is there with the patient under the doctor’s orders. When a patient starts to shows symptoms or changes in their overall condition, they must notify the doctor immediately. The doctor needs to be notified of the patient’s condition because it could be that they are getting worse and a different approach must be taken.

Equipment Danger: A nurse uses many different types of equipment while performing her duties. A patient can get injured if the nurse does not use the equipment appropriately. Errors like burning a patient with an equipment, or knocking over a piece of equipment on the patient, are some examples of how an equipment can injure a patient.

What Medication is that? Administering the wrong medication is another mistake that a nurse can do. A doctor will provide the nurse with specific orders on how much medication to give the patient, how to administer it, and which medication must be given to them. If a nurse does not follow orders that were given to him or her, they can severely injure a patient.

Nursing Error Lawyers Helping Tampa Residents

A nurse deals with patients on more personal level. They are the pawns on a board of chess. Because their roles are so crucial, they must perform their duties as mandated. They could be the reason a patient lives or a patient dies. Percy Martinez Law Firm works with the most dedication and effort for their clients in Tampa who were injured by a nurse’s negligence. Seeking their assistance will never lead to disappointment.

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