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5 Tips for Sharing the Road with Buses and Trucks in Utah

Sharing the road with trucks or buses can be overwhelming. The vehicle’s sheer size is enough to bring nerves to even the most experienced driver. However, with patience and knowledge, you can safely share the roads with these large vehicles. When driving near a bus or truck in Utah, follow these five tips to keep yourself and other passengers safe.

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Tip 1: Avoid Driving in Blind Spots

Larger vehicles, such as trucks and buses, have more prominent blind spots than passenger cars. These blind spots are a significant contributing factor in truck accidents since drivers cannot see the other vehicle.

The largest blind spots on trucks and buses are to the vehicle’s right and directly behind the vehicle. Therefore, you should avoid tailgating and passing on the right whenever possible. There are also some smaller blind spots on the truck’s left side and directly in front of the truck or bus. When traveling next to one of these vehicles, a good rule of thumb is to ensure you can see the driver in their vehicle’s mirrors. If you can’t, you might be in a blind spot.

Tip 2: Allow for More Room During Inclement Weather

Trucks and buses have a much larger wheelbase than cars do. The wheels can kick up large amounts of water, mud, or road debris in inclement weather. The debris may cover your windshield, limiting your visibility and increasing your chances of being in an accident.

Furthermore, wet or slick roads may cause a truck with a trailer to lose traction, reducing the driver’s ability to control the trailer’s path. This could lead to jackknifing, rollovers, or T-bone collisions. When the weather is hazardous, you should leave at least two seconds of space for every 10 miles you are traveling. For example, if you drive at 40 miles per hour, you should leave about five car lengths of space between you and the truck or bus.

Tip 3: Do Not Rush Past a Merging Truck or Bus

When you see a truck or bus signaling to merge into your lane, do not try to accelerate and cut them off. Doing so increases the risk of being in an accident. Instead, allow the vehicle to merge safely into your lane and give them enough room. If you must pass the vehicle, wait for it to finish changing lanes and pass when it is safe.

Tip 4: Watch for Wide Turns

Many commercial vehicles have bumper stickers that say, “This vehicle makes wide right turns.” Because of the sheer size of commercial vehicles and buses, they need extra room to turn. If you are next to a bus or truck, be aware of their turning signals. If the vehicle is making a turn, give it ample space and let it complete its turn before making your own. While you may have to wait through an extra cycle at the traffic light, it is better to wait than get into a crash.

Additionally, if you are in the lane to the left of a truck or bus, be aware that the back of the vehicle may briefly cross into your lane. Therefore, you may want to leave extra room for the driver to safely execute their turn so that you can avoid a sideswipe accident.

Tip 5: Drive Defensively Around Trucks and Buses

No matter how comfortable or skilled you are behind the wheel, it is essential to be alert at all times. The larger size and weight of commercial trucks and buses means they need extra time to stop their vehicle to avoid collisions. Always pay attention to vehicle locations, traffic flow, turn signals, and weather conditions. That way, you can anticipate problems and have enough time to change lanes when necessary.

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