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4 Safety Tips for Utah Drivers During Storm Season

As the holidays near, the days grow shorter, and Utah’s winter storm season rolls in. The festive seasonal decorations become juxtaposed against the white backdrop of daily snowstorms, which is fun for the children but dangerous for those of us navigating Utah’s already famously-tricky roads

The sleek streets and icy windshields won’t begin to thaw for months, and ensuring you and your family are able to safely drive during the storms is imperative to a relaxing holiday season. 

4 Safety Tips for Utah Drivers Navigating the Winter Storm Season

Driving in the middle of a snowstorm can invoke a unique set of challenges, like decreased vision, slippery roads, and erratic driving from others on the road. While commuting around Utah this winter storm season, make sure to adhere to the following four tips to optimize getting to your destination safely: 

Purchase Snow Tires

If you frequently navigate hilly terrains or roads that commonly ice over, snow tires may be needed. Specifically made for accelerating on wet roads, braking in the snow, and going up slippery hills, snow tires are shown to be significantly more effective than an average all-season tire, even ones with good treading. 

Have Your Cold Weather Survival Pack Ready

Getting into the habit of checking weather conditions before climbing into your vehicle is strongly recommended, but sometimes life happens, and you find yourself driving in the middle of a Utah blizzard. 

When conditions are so severe you can no longer safely drive, the only option is to wait. Having a cold weather survival pack in your glove compartment or trunk is critical for moments exactly like this. A flashlight, canned or nonperishable goods, ice scraper, blanket, and cell phone charger are all helpful items to have on hand.

Ensure Your Exhaust Pipe Is Clean

Did it storm all last night? Before hopping into the driver’s seat and going to work, make sure you have checked your exhaust pipe. Clear any snow or debris that may be blocking the pipe before you start your car. 

If you forget this step, the clogged exhaust pipe may lead to the leaking of carbon monoxide into your vehicle, which can be deadly. 

Drive Slowly 

The dreariness of the winter storm season is balanced by the cheer of the holidays. Family and friends are visiting, and everyone is out and about. In order to drive as safely as possible through the storms and with the increased number of cars out on the road, it is best to drive safely and slowly. Brake sooner than you would in the summer months and allow more time for your vehicle to accelerate. The holiday season is not going anywhere, even if you are five minutes late. 

What to Do if You Sustain Injuries While Driving During Utah’s Storm Season 

Out-of-town drivers visiting family for the winter months may not be as comfortable during the storm season as the Utah locals, and this imbalance may result in injuries to you or your loved ones. 

If you are in a motor vehicle accident during a snowstorm and have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, it is vital you contact a Utah personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Our team is deeply familiar with the terrain and will ensure you are able to fully heal while we collect evidence and fight to secure a settlement for your case. 

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