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Why PPC should be Chosen for Law Firms

PPC denotes pay-per-click ads, these are actually online ads that law firms pay for whenever it is clicked by the viewer. Such ads are displayed in various places which include the top of the result page of the search engine (search ads) and also on the partnering websites as display ads. The amount paid by the law firm is determined in the ad auction, where all alike businesses indicate how much they’d pay for the click. Determining the Ad ranking depends on a number of factors such as landing page where the ad directs to and the importance of the ad to the query of the searcher and more.

If two firms bid the same amount and produce same exact same bid, then the company with more relevant content or better landing pages will win. Among various PPC platforms, Google AdWords and Bing Ads are most common. The four key reasons for using PPC ads by law firms and attorneys:

  1. Dominant in search results: the top listing usually 3-4 are advertisements from Google AdWords when someone searches on Google. The prominent paid advertisement appear usually in the top half of the screen and average 41% of the clicks comes on the topmost ads on search results page.
  2. Competitors also use PPC: every time when someone searches for the attorney with specialty common in many attorneys and law firms, then to appear immediately in front of the potential clients, and come on top of the listing and highlights the services this is where PPC ads help.
  3. Having control on keywords to appear for: lawyers can target high-intents and micro-moments. Those intent keywords should be a target which signifies that someone is ready to make a purchase, fill out the contact form, or request for the information. With pay-per-click platforms like Google AdWords, one can identify the most valuable search terms to the specific law firm and can benefit from them.

Best Types of pay-per-click ads

There are three valuable PPC campaigns that attorneys should focus on:

  1. Display ad campaigns: Google partners with the group of web pages to display ads and form the network called GDN (Google Display Network). This network extends over 2million websites. These websites are reachable to over 90% of the people on the internet.
  2. Search ad campaigns: next to Google search results appear search ads when people search for the products or services offered by companies. These companies pay only when someone clicks on the ad or call the law firm.
  3. Remarketing campaigns: remarketing which is also known as retargeting on the advertisement sites on social media is another platform that allows the law firm to show ads to the people who previously visited the website. Bids and ads can be tailored to such visitors when they search for partner sites on Google.

Closing Argument: Be Careful about Using PPC Ads

Pay-per-click cannot work alone. It needs to be combined with the SEO for the law firms in order to get the advantage. Combine your pay per click and SEO by consulting Lawyer PPC. Contact us today and our expert team will decide what they can do for their client and beat their competitors.

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