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Can Social Media Impact Your Insurance Claim in Arizona?

Social media use has been on the rise for years and has risen exponentially within the last decade across multiple age groups. Social media use is often criticized for being a waste of time and a distraction. Social media platforms are designed to keep people on the platform for as long as
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6 Tips to Avoid an Accident on Spring Break Vacation

Spring break is meant to be a time for fun in the sun. It’s the time of year when young people travel for a week before going back to school. Unfortunately, spring break is also marked by a spike in car accidents. During April and May, the regular season for spring break
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The 5 Most Forgotten Utah Driving Laws

When you’re cruising through the streets of Utah, the only thing on your mind is how you’ll spend a snowy afternoon. At this point, driving might be second nature to you. You get behind the wheel and go. Without even realizing it, you may be forgetting some of Utah’s driving laws. Laws
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How to Prove Distracted Driving Caused Your Accident

When you’re driving, you’ll rarely find yourself on the road alone. Drivers have to share the road with each other, pedestrians, road workers, and the occasional road hazard. This is important to be aware of because it means that drivers must remain alert. Distracted driving is a frequent cause of many road
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