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3 Ways a Police Report Can Help Your Personal Injury Case

One of the critical elements of a personal injury case is securing documentation to support your claim. From eyewitness reports to liability paperwork (if applicable), gathering this information can be tedious. But it is imperative to the viability of your case. Few pieces are more critical than the police report. Working with
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5 Common Holiday Injuries to Avoid

The holidays are a time to enjoy festivities with family and friends, traveling  from one fun activity to the next. However, this is also the time of year when many people inadvertently get injured in their enthusiasm and excitement. Some holiday injuries are more common than others. In some instances, you may
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Can You Sue for an Airbag Injury in Arizona?

Airbags inflate in a fraction of a second. The airbag starts to deflate slowly once the passenger makes contact with it. This slows the passenger’s momentum and reduces the chances of a severe injury. If the airbag deploys too early, it may deflate too soon. If the airbag deflates too soon, the
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How to Stay Safe While Cycling on Arizona Roads

Cycling is a common form of transportation for both recreational use and commuting. Bicycles are excellent for exercise, and they help reduce an individual’s carbon footprint. Although bicycles are a great form of transportation for many reasons, there are still risks associated with cycling. In 2019, there were a total of 1,275
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How to Safely Stop During an Emergency While on a Utah Highway

Vehicle emergencies that occur on the highway can be stressful experiences. Knowing how, where, and when to safely stop can be challenging, especially when traveling along a busy stretch of road. Sometimes, even if you are following all road laws governing emergency stops, others may not.  Personal injuries sustained due to this
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