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How Do Utah Accident Lawyers Prove Truck Driver Fatigue? 

Trucking companies hold their drivers to strict deadlines. As a result, truck drivers often overwork themselves to the point of exhaustion in fear they will lose their jobs over missing a deadline, increasing their chances of causing an accident.  Furthermore, the CDC reports that drowsy driving is just as dangerous as drunk
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What Happens If Truck Cargo in Utah Damages My Car?

When most people think of automobile accidents, they usually think of an accident between two vehicles. However, that is not always the case. There are times when truck cargo can collide with a car. These accidents are known as falling cargo accidents, and the driver of the vehicle might not even know
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Mistakes to Avoid after a Utah Truck Accident

Truck accidents come with anxiety, shock, and confusion. It might be impossible to think clearly, but you must remember that your statements and actions at the accident scene and in the weeks following the accident can affect your case. While another driver’s negligent actions might entitle you to financial compensation, several mistakes
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5 Tips for Sharing the Road with Buses and Trucks in Utah

Sharing the road with trucks or buses can be overwhelming. The vehicle’s sheer size is enough to bring nerves to even the most experienced driver. However, with patience and knowledge, you can safely share the roads with these large vehicles. When driving near a bus or truck in Utah, follow these five
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